Upcoming Instores At NHC MUSIC For July / August / September


So here we are folks, back at our bloody brilliant, and now regular, instore events! We are not *quite* done with our renovations yet, but we are certainly done enough to get the live music aspect back to the shop on a Saturday, as we really have missed it! So below is what the next few months looks like, where there is a wee cross means there is still some spaces left, so if you want to fill them, let us know. Just remember, it's a shop, not a venue, so space is only really suitable for unplugged or broken down sets, and also for no more than three musos! All nights are BYOB, suitable for all ages, very intimate, and free entry, so come on down and join the club!

Once we fill the remaining spot this week, we will have a nice big poster made up with all the acts on it, we are all about the promo after all! Remember you can also book us for poetry readings, book readings/signings and more, we are open to all ideas!


08 - Marshall Chipped / Long Day Living / Fallen Arches
15 - Felix Saunders
Aonghas Hamish Maxwell / Suicidal Baby Whales
22 - Kenny McMinigal / Pauline Vallance / Robin Ashcroft
29 - Scarlet INside Solo Set / Craig White / Gordon Harrow

05 - Gareth Croll / George Anderson / Hangszeres
12 - KC Johnston Guests Night
19 - The Cairds Unplugged / Blackletter / SRVNT
26 - PopArt & The Narcissist Cookbook

02 - Stoney Broke / Fallen Arches / Dave Sweeney
09 - Hello Creepy Spider / Scott Simpson / Jimbo McKellar
16 - Emma Durkan / Andrea Preston / Lisa Kowalski Music
30 - KC Johnston Guests Night