Get Out Strong EP ‘Answers’ Review - Thomas Neil

Get Out Strong are a three piece alternative rock group from Ayrshire, they started gigging in January 2016 and have gigged across Scotland, their first single ‘Don’t Let Me Burn’ was released 05/10/2016 and you can check that out here on the band’s official Soundcloud, I’d give it a listen if I were you, because it's a strong first release from the group and they’re only getting stronger. They have recently released their debut EP ‘Answers’ which I will be talking about shortly, but before that here’s a little breakdown of the band, we have David Barclay on Guitar and vocals, Ross Bell on Bass and Graeme Allan on Drums.

‘Speak’ Kicks off with phenomenal energy, and some nice riffs that go well with the heavy vocals, this track really gets things going and It made me excited for the rest of the EP. In my opinion this EP is really well produced too, which isn’t something you always get from a debut. It's clear even from this first track that the band have been working at it hard since they first came together and that this EP is a labour of all that effort.

‘Answers’ - I’m never sure when I say this if it’ll be taken the right way, for the record the song is great in the comfort of your own home, but this track especially just feels like it's begging for a live performance, it just has a feel to it that’d get you moving even in some cramped wee pub. It's a little rougher than the first track but there's no dip in quality.

‘Tidal Waves’ has an awesome guitar intro before it breaks to a really sweet bassline, whereas the other tracks you couldn’t say one way or another which was better vocals or instruments, this track, the instruments more than hold their own. Tidal Waves is probably my favourite on the EP, because it's tight and nothing is wasted on this song it's just a straight up good tune.

‘Next Time’ is different from the previous tracks because it has a much slower intro, it's more about reflection and you get a clearer sense they were trying to tell a story with this song. For those who think slow songs are band, you get your fair share of harder sections as well to counterpoint the more melodic portions...something for everyone really.

‘Don’t Let me Burn’ was actually their first single and as I mentioned above in the intro it's a very strong track, you can tell instantly that it's an older track, different production values for a start but to be honest that does nothing to stop you from enjoying it. Much like ‘Answers’ this track would be perfect for a live performance and I for one have listened to it about a hundred times since I was asked to do this review.

So those were my thoughts on Get Out Strong’s new EP ‘Answers’ and if you want to have a listen yourself then check them out here on Spotify and if you want to keep up to date with the band then follow them on facebook by clicking here