NHC MUSIC Chats To Audiosoup!

Audiosoup weekend is upon us, and as a few of our own volunteers and customers pack their bags and head off to what is hopefully a weekend of music in the sun, we decided to instead stay at home and have a wee chat with the organisers... well, someone has to lock up the shop at night after all...

Anyway, without further ado, check it out;

How long has Audiosoup been going and how has it progressed over the years?

This is going to be the 8th year and the 4th in it's current location. It has moved house twice but currently sits in a perfect location in the Scottish Borders. Incredibly pretty surroundings and the line up just gets bigger and better each year.

Is there a particular style/genre/theme to the festival?

I would say the theme is Bass. Lots of bass everywhere. There is no limits to what genres are on offer but it is very much a party vibe with seven stages of good vibes. Electrikal Soundsytem , The Otherwhere and The Swingers Club all cater for all your electronic music tastes while the Main Stage and the Beat-Route Cafe supply a vast array of live bands. There is a few hidden gems dotted all around the site and at our area BoomBapSoupRoll we supply funk, soul and hip hop with a side helping of home-made soup. 

Apart from the music what else is going on at Audiosoup?

There is giant synths, acrobatic clowns, fire displays and loads of work shops, spoken word and stuff for the kids. It boasts a really fine selection of food stalls as well so there is always something else to do if you need a little breather from the live music.

What artists do you have playing this year that you are most excited about?

Thats a tough one but I think everyone is especially excited for Slamboree. Its a major coup for the Soup to have got the full 16 piece version of Slamboree. It truly is a show like nothing else I have witnessed before. From my own tent, I am excited to be bringing up The Moods from Manchester and Kitty Got Claws from London plus it will be unreal to see Shogun return back to the place he played his first gig two years ago except now he returns as a superstar-in-waiting.

What were the highlights of last year’s event?

I think watching Bombskare close the main stage last year was a joy just because it has been amazing to watch their ascension over the last decade and they have been a crucial part of Audio Soup onstage and behind the scenes. I think everyone at the festival popped round to see them. Mungo's HiFi Smashed it as always and The Twistettes had a magical moment where they played the 4 non blondes 'Whats going on?' and as the 'Hey Hey Hey' chorus kicked in as did an actual hay fight (Hay! Hay ! Hay!).

What is the Boom Bap Soup Stage?

It is the first stage in Scotland that is dedicated to live hip hop acts from home and abroad but gives local guys a chance to rub shoulders with more established names. We also add in some Funk, Soul and Motown records to get the party started. The scene is exploding right now and it's an honour to get so many of these amazing acts to share a stage for one weekend. We also have some freestyle battles and the occasional raffle with prizes to be won, it's a whole lot of fun!

Would you like to see the festival getting bigger, or would you prefer to keep it small?

I think it will naturally get bigger but it is growing at a measured rate where it never seems to big. The site can be made bigger as the years go by but I think it will always remain true to the underground beginnings but slowly attract a few bigger names here and there. It is a wonderful team behind the scenes that truly care about the music and the party first and foremost and you can feel that positive energy throughout the beautiful location reflected in the punters smiles and dance moves.

So there you have it, if you aren't currently packing up your tent and belongings to head out to Audiosoup, or you are not already there, then you bloody well should be... quick! There is still time, It's on all weekend! https://www.facebook.com/audiosoupfestival/