Rebellion Festival 2017 - Acts You Should Be Excited About (Or The Ones We Are!)

It's less than two weeks now until the best bloody punk meeting in the UK convenes again for it's all important tenth year running, and a few of our own volunteering team over at NHC MUSIC are getting as excited as kids at a family party... (when all your family are drunk enough that you can minesweep the booze without being caught). Part of the chat recently at casa del NHC between attendees and workers was who they are most excited to see, and why. We drank a lot of beer, we had a bit of a chat, that chat turned into an argument, then slowly simmered into a grudging agreement on five choice acts per day. So without further ado, here are the ones they decided on...and bloody hell, the toughest part was getting them to narrow it down to just five.

Oh, and by the way, this is an article written by three separate people... some are more sober than others...


FIRE EXIT - What can we say? The Godfathers of Scottish punk rock are always a force to be reckoned with, and deserving of any big stage they grace - there is a reason they have survived this long, it's because the crowds lap up their sets wherever they go!

Bratakus - Our volunteers on the night have already caught Bratakus a total of three times between them, and they have nothing but positive things to say about the fast and furious Riot Grrrl duo. Not to be missed.

Toyah - It's bloody well TOYAH - 'Nuff said.

Bad Religion - Bad Religion has the volunteers chomping at the bit and foaming at the mouth in anticipation, they may be three decades of punk, but the live show still burns brightly!

NINE BULLETS - Nine Bullets have been a firm NHC favourite live act for a few years now, and they are one of the bands on the bill that we are all in agreement about, don't you dare miss them.


Slaves - One of the best gigs of the year in Glasgow was the last minute SLAVES gig put together after the Green Day/Rancid disaster. Miss this two piece wall of punk noise at your peril.

Wonk Unit - Wonk Unit may be the weirdest addition to these lists, but that can only be a good thing, must be seen live to be believed, and even then, you may still think someone has slipped you a mickey finn.

The Godfathers - It's the Godfathers for fucksakes, we really don't need to tell you why you need to see them live, pretty much every time they come to town!

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes - They blew the crowd away at Glastonbury, and they will most certainly do the same again at Rebellion! (While you are at it, check out his autobiography too, I just finished it, bloody hell, that's a good read!)

Heavy Drapes - One of our top five acts at NHC right now, and I can't see them getting bumped off that list any time soon. They have all the swagger and skills of a band already playing at the top level, and they deserve all the good things coming their way.


UK Subs - Two of our volunteers love 'em, as does Mr Fishbones (A welcome addition to NHC midweek chats!), and that's enough for us to be honest. The Subs are always a 'not to miss band' when they are playing within driving distance, or any distance really...

Hands Off Gretel - I have personally seen them play in Glasgow on two separate occasions now and on both times it was one of the best live sets I have ever seen. If any band deserves a bigger stage, it's them.

Duncan Reid and The Big Heads - If you cannot wait until his Glasgow gig in October, then catch him at Rebellion first. Fuck it, you should probably see him play Glasgow as well, he's well worth a double visit in 2017!

Angelic Upstarts - Another band a couple of our guys want to cross of their 'seen live' list. You should probably cross them off your list too, you may never see them surrounded by so many other great bands at this price again!

The Vapors - Formed in 1979 and still going strong more than 3 decades later (much like myself actually... apart from my dodgy knee and booze problems.) - this is another band you dare not miss, just in case you don't get the chance to see them again! Make Rebellion your place to see them.


The Skids - Another band I missed at the Glasgow Green Day gig fiasco, I won't miss my chance again.

Dirtbox Disco - The fact that I have a grubby, well worn Dirt Box Disco hoodie (strangely, another one came into the shop recently too as part of a donation!) from a Scottish gig many moons ago, and also have songs of theirs blaring out in the shop every chance we get speaks volumes! Get some Dirt Box Crazy in your ears!

Ex Cathedra - They were a band not to be fucked with as far as their live sets went back when they formed in the early nineties, and I'm guessing they are just as bloody good onstage now. Excited to see them live once again after all this time!

Inca Babies - Again, probably one of the hardest bands in this list to stick into a genre category, but possibly one of the best I have seen live in many a year. Inca Babies are one of the stand out acts on the Sunday for me!

Efa Supertramp - We had the honour of hosting Efa in the NHC shop way back last year, and the set was simply one of the best acoustic punk solo sets I have ever witnesses. If anyone deserves to be on this list, it's her.

There you have it, the ends of a drunken debate on what bands you really shouldn't be missing at this years Rebellion festival come hell or high water, and if you haven't yet got a ticket to this years best independent D.I.Y run punk event, then you should probably know that not only does it have a host of amazing bands and solo musicians, it also has a huge amount of other entertainments available for you, including Punk Art exhibitions, Poetry, Vintage Clothing, Tattooists, Healing workshops and more. You wont get your monies worth quite like this at a festival again! Tickets and full listings available on the link below, check it out, and we'll see you in the pit!