NHC MUSIC Chats To The Organisers Of Mugstock!

They have been busy, busy bees collating this years festival of merriment over at Mugdock Park, but the good people creating Mugstock 2017 still had some time to have a chat with us about this years festival, and a wee bit more! Check out what they have to say, listen to the collated playlist, then buy your ticket and take the ride!

Bloody hell, you guys have seriously upped your game in such a short period of time, you've went from boutique festival, to a hugely anticipated, fantastic line-up in the pace of time we have had the shop open, what's your secret to putting together such an exciting and eclectic line up?

Our (not very well kept) secret is our programming director Nelson. He has done a sterling job of hand-picking a lineup which is relentless in its quality, with artists at the top of their game representing a plethora of different musical genres. I think the hardest thing has been deciding what to say no to. We have booked over 125 acts and we had over 300 applications, and the quality of submission was so high. It's really humbling to see how much talent is out there, and it feels good to be able to help introduce some of these acts to new audiences. If anyone reading hasn't explored the line-up yet, I would recommend spending some quality time with the official MugStock 2017 Lineup playlist on Youtube:

What band are you most looking forward to yourself as an organiser, you must have one you are particularly looking forward to?

As a long term fan back in the day I am properly giddy about seeing the Supernaturals. As they are local lads who grew up playing in Mugdock Park this is something of a homecoming gig for them, especially as the last time they played anywhere close was about 20 year ago. I think the atmosphere on Saturday evening is going to be incredible. As that was probably a bit of an obvious answer, I will also give a mention to Hypnoblue - a lovely upbeat poppy band who join us all the way from Russia. Their tagline is "open hearted music". I think they'll bring a lot of love to the MugStock site.You seem to be making your name as a particularly family friendly festival, with plenty of arty things for the kids to get involved in.

Was it your intentions from the start to make it such a family event? Or was it just a natural progression?

Go to Mugdock Country Park any sunny day of the year and you will find it hoaching with families and dogs. It wouldn't have been fair to exclude either them, so yes we've been family friendly from the get go (and dog friendly since last year!).  We still didn't anticipate how popular the festival would be with families. In both years so far 50% of ticket buyers have brought kids under 12. Having so many wee folk enjoying themselves on the site is definitely one of the main factors which produce our frankly magical atmosphere. We try to meet everyone's needs whether you're a 4 year old, a 40 year old or an octogenarian, and our audience feedback suggests that we're striking a good balance. We have a new family campsite this year which will be easier to get to and quieter at night, and a new campsite near the Glade, our electronic venue, for those who want to stay up and party a wee bit later.

With such a huge line up to put together, do you have to start collating bands for 2018 before the final chord of 2017's festival has been struck?

As it happens we are actively approaching potential headliners for 2018 right now. We'll most likely put out a general call for acts around the end of the year.

Do you guys intend on expanding anything within the scope of the festival itself, not necessarily the size of the bill, but possibly other aspects such as the art side of things, or the festivals capacity, for future MugStock's? Or are you happy with how it looks right now? (To be fair, it looks bloody great!)

MugStock is never going to be huge, but with our present site plan we still have a little room to grow. As a not for profit festival we have the luxury of investing in stuff like lights to make the site prettier, which means that all of the things that add quality to the festival-going experience should naturally get a bit better each year. One ambition is to integrate the majestic Mugdock Castle into the festival site. This beautiful piece of heritage is just a wee bit far away from everything else, so we've been wondering about connecting it with a wee train (or an epic zip slide!). We love Mugdock Park, and will keep using our imaginations in order to show it at it's very best and put on the most lovely, merriment-filled event we can for people of all ages for the foreseeable future.

Tickets and news on this years Mugstock can be bought by heading over to their Facebook page on this link!