NHC MUSIC VIDEO CHART TWO – That Can’t Be Who I Think It Is... Can It?

So, after the success of our last ‘where have all the protest songs gone’ chart at NHC MUSIC, we decided to make it a regular thing after all, and we already have another one for you, jam packed full of new music videos with vague and tenuous links to the charts title. For this second chart (a wee bit smaller than the last beast, by Christ there was far more protest songs out there than we first expected!) we went full steam ahead on the vagueness of it, and we decided on showing a selection of songs from independent artists that sounds quite like nothing else they have on offer. In fact, you might even be a tad surprised it comes from them at all...

Don’t get me wrong, you might not be surprised at all, but it is a damn good excuse for us to get some of the weirder tunes from local artists out there for you to peruse! Without further ado, here is our second chart assortment for you, enjoy!

1.  Jackal Trades - The Fear. - This is on our regular shop playlist, and it is one of those songs that is just too damn hard to pigeonhole. Jackal Trades is so different to anything else we have heard that it's hard to say what is actually different from his other tracks. If I had to pick any stand out ones though, this would be it.

2. Savage Cut - Hipster ft Hextasy - Savage Cut are another of those bands that you could honestly say don't have any tracks that easily fit into a category. These guys play with sounds like kids play with toys - they love it, we love it, and they need to keep doing it as every damn track they have is gold. This one, for me (along with Andy From Finance) is probably the most unique track of theirs I could find on video. Check it out, then get along to their Facebook page and check out the rest of their tracks too.

3. Tommy Concrete - The Eyes Say It All But Can You Hear Me - Tommy Concrete has a cracking mix of songs up online, most of the ones I have heard are a bit on the heavier side, but this one is absolutely not like the others - give it a play!

4. Luminous - Aiwass Radio - Another artist with so many musical flavours to choose from is the talent that is Andy Isacsson. He really does have something for everyone, but if you want to try a track that's really different, then this track may be what you are looking for.

5. Brora Wolf - A live video from the excellent Brora Wolf, it may sound nothing like what they have done in the past, but aye, we still like it!

6. No official videos live yet for the track I am thinking of, but a wee taster video was shot by John McKinley of their album launch gig! To be honest, special mention goes to pretty much of all of Goo Goo Shoom by Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes - it is very much The Dark Vibes, and yet nothing like the Dark Vibes. We love it. You will love it too.

7. Geranium Lake (Lead vocals by TP Egar. Percussion by Gail Graves, this one is another special addition due to being 2/3 of everywhere, and aye, it sounds like nothing they would have done themselves, and it's a damn great find!

Hope you enjoyed the mix of videos we included in this chart, a new one is coming in two weeks, and it will be normal size again with 12 tracks of bloody well tasty music! See you soon!