Blood Thread – Era of Corruption Review - Ciaran Mccaskill

The Further You Get, The Darker It Becomes...

Track listing:

1.     Extractor of Innocence

2.     …For I am the Butcher

3.     Castrating Those to Which you Bleed

4.      The Tormentor

Among ripping the heads off of your daily gig goer, BloodThread have been busy with their time in between gigs. Era of Corruption is a new EP out and ready to drown the listener into four tracks of absolute carnage; there's no room for anything else but complete mayhem. This monster that these guys have created refuses to allow your ears to rest throughout the duration of the journey. Each track delivers something different, and it's a disgustingly delightful pallet of what the Glasgow boys have to offer.

Right from the start you are greeted with a slap to the jaw of sheer intense death metal. Drummer Dikie lays down a ton of gut busting blasts and swift drum action; leaving guitarists Tony Mitchell, Peter Wall and Chris Mancini to lay down some nut smashing riffs. The blend of this, along with the sound of Tony’s vocals, makes for subversive listening, giving you a platter of technically prominent, and bat-shit brutal songs that leave you clinging on for more. From the outset you can hear how tight these guys are, they are a force to be reckoned with, and it is yet another Glasgow belter!

FFO: Gojira, Thy Art is Murder, Lamb of God, Aborted.