What I did last weekend, and what I’ll be doing this weekend – Start Of June Edition

I have been told by my NHC compatriots that I should be writing more, and I have to agree with them, as with the stresses thrown at me these days it seems to be one of the only things that soothes me somewhat. I have also been told I should be out attending more live events and Glasgow based shindigs. I like that idea too.

So why not just cram the two together then in a weekly article? Said the oft untrustworthy voice in my head. Aye… Aye that sounds good. I like going out, and I enjoy a spot of writing, so it makes perfect sense to combine the two.

So, what did I do last week then, to start off this series of drunkenly and hastily written snapshots of nights past and nights still to come? Well, last weekend I spent my Friday at the North Hop Glasgow launch night in Crossing the Rubicon, (Byers Rd) with Ailsa kindly babysitting a very drunken me. Pre-drinking always seems like a great idea at the time but it rarely is one, especially pre-drinking before an event that will involve yet more drinking. It was a great night though (from what I remember), North Hop had a fantastic range of draught ciders and Beers available, and after trying one or two out, I cant bloody wait until the festival date itself to get my hands on more. I pinky swear I won’t pre-drink at the shop before it, for that way lies madness.

>crosses fingers, thus negating pinky swear<

My Saturday night was filled with couch recuperation from Friday nights over exuberance's, I needed a day of rest before Sunday night dragged me head first and face up towards McChuills (High Street) for the Yellow Movements Sundays bash. It was to be my first time seeing The Chibmarks play live and I was going in blind, with no idea what to expect... but I was not disappointed. Far from it.

The Chibmarks don’t just play on a stage, they fucking own it, and what they clearly lack in sanity they make up for in sheer entertainment, with lead man Kevin Pearson punctuating each song with his own style of brash poetic ramblings. The crowd lap it up. The Chibmarks weren’t the only great thing that night though, as a personal favourite of ours at NHC, The Stumblers, once again showed us that a band of guys barely able to stand straight (after some pre-drinking of their own at an earlier shindig) can still get up on the stage and play an absolute face melter of a set. Top that off with a hugely enjoyable high octane set from The Wasted Johnny’s (South Korea’s answer to Tarantino flavoured punk rock) and you have one hell of a night. We topped it all off with a bit of a lock in at NHC HQ, but less said about that the better, mostly because I don’t remember any of it.

This weekend’s shenanigans will start tonight in Ivory Blacks, as we head down to the launch night of Joe Bone and The Dark Vibes’ new Goo Goo Shoom album, supported by the ruddy Trongate Rum Riots! Then tomorrow I shall be nipping out to King Tuts Wah Wah Hut for a review of Matt Scott’s Launch show too. Sunday will probably be spent on the couch again, battling off the crippling fear and strange anxieties that suddenly appear after a weekend spent on the lash.

Hopefully I’ll see you at a gig this weekend, there are plenty of them happening. If I do, makes mine’s a cider.   J.M.