NHC MUSIC Chats To Somewhat Scary

Hi again guys, long time no chat! Think the last time we had you on the website was when it was the old blog, so it really has been a wee while, so what have you been up to then? You been a bit quiet yourselves?

Jimbo: Hello! Yes, we have been a bit quiet for almost a year now. There’s been a lot happening in our ‘normal lives’, so we haven’t been able to play out as often as we’d like. At our age, with families and responsibilities, the music has to take the back seat sometimes.

Jamesie: And I’ve been building a new studio, so that’s taken up a lot of time and held up writing new material

You got anything planned for the rest of 2017? New recordings, or gigs in the pipeline?

Jamesie: Now that the studio is nearly completed, I’ll be able to start recording the ideas that we’ve been bouncing around so that Jimbo can put lyrics to them.

Jimbo: I’ve got a few ideas that he can start to make into ‘proper music’ too. Gig wise, we’re just back from Wales where we do an annual gig and have a charity event at the end of June. Hopefully we’ll manage a few more around Fife before the end of the year. We’re planning for the second album to be finished before the end of 2018… five years between albums, thank feck we’ve got day jobs!

We have had you guys both kind of unplugged in the shop, and have saw you live on the big stage too, what do you guys prefer as a band? I know it’s always great to play to a big crowd, but does smaller, more intimate gigs have as much appeal for you?

Jimbo: I like both, but it’s always nice to have ‘someone’ to play to

Jamesie: I’m just happy when there are more than 20 people to play for!  So as long as there is an audience, I’m cool with either too.

Jimbo: But it would be nice to do Barrowlands or the O2 ;-)

A lot of bands are funny about playing covers these days, even when making them their own, how are you on this, do you mind throwing the odd cover into a set? When you do, do you try and change it as much as you can, or do you stay as true to the original as you possibly can?

Jimbo: For something like supporting Ricky Warwick at Audio, we only did the one cover as, being the support for a bigger act, it was a way to showcase our own music to a new audience. Playing somewhere like the shop or any venue where we’re just a band on the bill, we will do about half covers and half our own. We want to keep the audience on our side and not totally bore them with something they’ve never heard before. Covers are a good way to keep people interested.

Jamesie: Yeah we’ll always do covers of some kind. As for keeping them close to the original or putting our slant on it, most will be a bit different anyway as we do acoustic versions of full band songs. Having said that, Jimbo likes to keep the melody as close to the original as possible and the structure normally stays pretty much the same.

Have you seen any new bands yourselves recently? Anyone you can recommend to our readers?

Jimbo: I’ve discovered a band called ‘Letters from the Fire’ thanks to a Facebook ‘boost’ that they did. Female fronted and what a voice she, Alexa, has. Their debut album, ‘Worth the Pain’ is very good, clever writing, excellent musicianship and very well recorded. I’d highly recommend them.

Jamesie: One of our Mates let us hear ‘Twelve Foot Ninja’ recently. Clever stuff, they’ve mixed metal, reggae and disco! Check them out

Jimbo: Aye, good shout, they’re definitely worth checking out

You guys up for another wee instore in the Summer then? We would love to get you back, now’s as good a time to tap you up as any!

Jamesie: Aye, we’d be up for that

Jimbo: Definitely! I’ve not managed to get into the shop since it’s been refurbished, so would be great to come back… and have a wee hunt through the second hand vinyl :-)

The floor is now yours, anything else you want to share with our readers?

Jimbo: Well, I’d like to give a shout out to you guys at NHC for your continued support to all your registered bands. Unfortunately, you seem to be a rare creature. As for us, new music will be coming, so keep an eye on our Facebook page, http://facebook.com/somewhatscary for updates.

Jamesie: Touching on what was said earlier, I’d like to remind everyone to get out and support local bands in small venues. That act that is playing the Hydro that you can’t miss started out playing clubs and pubs. Get the support in at the beginning or good bands may never get anywhere

Jimbo: and I’d like to wrap up by saying thank you for the interview

Jamesie: Aye cheers and see you soon

Cheers for that guys, look forward to catching up again soon!