Riverside Festival 2017 - AJ Lawrence

When NHC said, 'we'll be sending volunteers out on press passes' to cover "Aw the events!" (Que the mighty, Guci Mink wearing Conor McGregor) ...We weren't taking the piss! Whether it be to tunes in fields of numerous golden faces and mucky boots, a gig, political rally, or, from what we've experienced recently in the club, a bloody drinks festival!....Which we survived mind you!?...You name it, we'll aim to do our best here at New Hellfire Club Glasgow to ensure 'all' of our volunteers are offered the chance to experience, first hand, just what's involved in keeping up to date with such a vibrant musical City, scene and Country. 

Here we have NHC volunteer, and Ibrox Commune legend, AJ Lawrence (and the lovely Fiona Adam) taking on the Riverside Festival 2017, and from what we've heard so far, there was more than a few red eyed early morning hangovers... 

Riverside Festival 2017.

Where to begin on an amazing weekend of drinking, dancing and dazzling weather? Riverside is one of the top festivals I had always wanted to attend but unfortunately was always either working or committed to family engagements. On the 27th of May I finally made it, and believe me when I say, I was not disappointed!

The line-up was amazing with artists such as Nina Kraviz, Sven Vath and Jackmaster. The weather was just perfect, a bit of rain on the Saturday, which in total lasted all of about 20 mins, and as Glasgow does so famously, the sun smiled and showed its big orange face against all weather reports!

Saturday was the busier day for me, as there were so many acts I found I was rushing from one stage to another trying to fit it all in. As per usual Slam, Rodhad, Sven Vath and Nina Kraviz had my feet going all from morning till night, I just didn't want the day to end. After watching Nina Kraviz close her set we headed off to SWG3 where the official after party was held. The walk round was so entertaining as there were one man DJs positioned on route with their own circles of dancers...a different class of entertainment. 

Arriving at SWG3 it was manic, queues could be seen the length and breadth of Kelvinhaugh, as could the cool smiles of the festival goers. After 45 minutes, the security had dealt with the extreme in flux of bodies and we were moving inside. Once we’d worked our way in, it felt like the whole of Riverside Festival had descended on the main room and it was electric, colourful and hazy. Slam played and the place was rocking! After about an hour or so, we called it a day…Sunday was fast approaching.

We arrived about half an hour after the gates had opened on Sunday, to start on another day of drinking and dancing, and the disparity in vibe between Saturday and Sunday was unreal. The music, as we made our way through, was chilled and not too heavy, as to ease us into another day nursing our hangovers from the night before.  

We took it easy throughout the day, exploring the parts we hadn’t managed to spend time at the day before, where we came across a tented bar area that was fully equipped with personal DJ playing David Bowie and The Smiths. The change of scenery was welcomed and well received, it was a spectacular way to spend a few hours in the sun enjoying a couple of cold ones.

We finally moved on towards the south stage, preparing ourselves for Jackmaster closing the Riverside Festival 2017 and he certainly provided the goods track after track. The crowd was colossal, a mass of energy, it was the only way to conclude our weekend. Jackmaster even dedicated a section of his set in the memory of all those lost in Manchester during the terrible attack, it was truly touching!

The atmosphere over the two days was incredibly electric, everyone was more than enjoying themselves and knew how to present themselves, there was no trouble whatsoever. I would highly recommend the Riverside Festival to everyone, and anyone, who loves a good boogie in such a scenic area of Glasgow. I can't wait for next year to come around in the hope I’ll be doing it all over again!!

Special thanks to Jen from Electricshore who organised for us to go and  treated us like true VIPs the whole weekend, You’re a star!

Written by AJ Lawrence. Photo Credits - AJ Lawrence.