Perfume - A Review Of The New 3 Track Collaboration EP - John Innes

The Review;

The 3 tracks from Perfume are all wonderful pieces of chilled out electronica. 3 soundscapes that veer from Afro beat to jazzy overtones with consummate ease while retaining a simplicity that allows the music to breath. Often there is a temptation to flood such music, to overload the listeners' senses by complicating things for the sake of it - the layers in these tracks run deep, but they are distinct and readable.

There is nothing not to like here, it is a tremendous piece of work for those who either love ambient electronic music, or like a respite from singers moaning about what ever they want to moan about, then look no further. For those into Sigur Ros, Rave Tapes Mogwai, Cabaret Voltaire, and all that noughties chill out stuff, this could be for you!

J. Innes

Other Info;

Perfume, the collaboration between Craig Wells (UK) and Mathias Loose (Denmark) 'Station 3' is out today on HotGem.

Perfume represents a new way of working for the pair, as they infuse lush, textured field recordings and composition with elements of electro, ambient and atmospheric instrumental hip-hop, inviting comparisons with the complex productions of Flying Lotus, Four Tet, or Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. Together, Wells and Loose create a rich tapestry that weaves between analogue breaks and sampled, acoustic sounds evoking ecology and nature.

The instruments that were used on the record came from a number of sources, some were hand built including the acoustic laptop and sampled instruments from field recordings. Along those materials, they employed a range of different microphone techniques including contact, hydrophone and acoustic methods in order to tease out interesting sounds.

You can download the EP, artwork and full press release here:

They recently premiered on XLR8R:

and over at Redlight Radio:

You can also listen to their recent mix for Sub City Radio here: