NHC Dinner Date – The Bothy Glasgow

It doesn’t happen a lot these days, but every couple of weeks on a Friday night I tend to go out and eat, rather than drink. Don’t get me wrong, I do have the odd beer with my food, but it’s still always good to go out and do something a bit different every now and again, and since there is literally about a dozen eateries within ten minutes’ walk of my front door we are spoiled for choice, yet choose we must. This time we chose The Bothy in Ruthven Lane. We had eaten there before and even though it was a tad upmarket for my palate (I’m generally happiest wolfing down chips and cheese these days.) we thought it was great. Portions were fantastic, sides were tasty, service was fast and came with an honest smile, and the food itself was cooked to perfection. This time though the experience was a little more mixed.

For my starter I had a cream of mushroom soup, with bread and smoked butter, and B had a plate of bread with smoked butter, and oil and balsamic. The menu stated the bread was a ‘small plate’ but as far as lies go, that was a whopper. A beneficial whopper though, as rather unexpectedly a huge plate of bread arrived, and after I polished off what was probably the best cream of mushroom soup I had ever eaten, I had to help B polish off the rest of the bread too. The addition of the smoked butter was a nice touch, but sadly there was nowhere near enough to cover the vast plate of bread.

The main course was where things went downhill for me. As a veggie, I often struggle to find something a bit different on Glasgow venues. More often than not I’m forced into the old veggie burger/macaroni option (and no, sticking a giant mushroom on a bun is NOT a frickin’ veggie burger, eateries take note!). The veggie options at the Bothy, although sparse, are often a bit more unusual and adventurous. This time I chose poorly, and the Pearl Barley Risotto was a wee bit underwhelming, and about as sweet as they come. I’m not the biggest fan of sweet dishes at the best of times, but the veggie main choice this time round seemed to be ‘sweet’ or ‘sweeter’, so I didn’t have that many options available to me. The sheer amount of beetroot in the dish just seemed to overpower every other taste, so if you love the taste of beetroot then this is probably the dish for you. If you prefer just about any other flavours though, I would give this one a miss. B on the other hand seemed to enjoy her Beef Wellington dish, and the hand cut chips in the Bothy are always ludicrously good.

So aye, great starter for me, but disappointing main. Great starter for B, and a great main too. I would most definitely come back once the menu changes a bit, though I think I’ll avoid anything that looks ‘beetrooty’.   8/10