Tunes a Plenty from the Wah Wah Hut With Take Today - Ciaran McCaskill

Take Today brought their A game to another solid performance at King Tuts. Accompanied by the Glasgow rockers were Twisted Planet, Royal Bloom, & Flat Six. A line up that would show itself to be a riff-riddled night. The energy from each band’s set was intense and on point, the caliber between each band proved for a packed night of continuous tunes, tunes that the crowd could not stop paying attention to.

Twisted Planet showed off their armoury of hard rock riffs to keep your ears at attention with their fast, in your face presence that hooks your mind holding on for more as they smashed out song after song.

Royal Bloom threw us into a wave of grunge guitars and hard hitting drums, fusing styles of metal and grunge together. They were a slight variation in the other bands on the line-up, but they none the less stood out and impressed with their own style. Especially being caught out with their pauses in their songs, very well played lads!

Flat Six were keen on making sure your ears were submerged with beefy, captivating songs that kept you in tune to the goings on in front your eyeballs. Bringing down their sound on the train from Perth, the guys were in sync and ready to smash it. Their solid performance was one that has stuck in my mind since last night; they were a clear as day highlight of the night personally. If you get the chance to go see these guys live, you’d be a fool to say no.

The headliners were again showing off what it’s like to play at the top of your game, being a band established for nearly five years, and charging ever upwards. It’s clear that Take Today are on the road for bigger events as noted from their immense stage presence when it’s their turn to crank out a few. It’s only a matter of time, especially with what has been coming from the Take Today guys in the past year, it's nothing short of brilliant.

It's a Friday plastered with grunge/hard rock to start your weekend off, and I highly encourage you get to one of these bands gigs in the future. Make sure to check out their pages for any up to date events!