NHC Chats With Black Cat Bone - V. Y. Anderson

NHC MUSIC wants to give a warm welcome to our newest interviewer and reviewer V. Y. Anderson, we are always happy to add some new, talented writers to our pool, and Victoria is a great addition to the team! Here is the first interview, long may it continue.

In the run up to their gig at the infamous King Tuts Wah Wah Hutin Glasgow on Friday 23rd of June, I grabbed the attention of Black Cat Bone’s Ross Craig and asked him some questions about the band!

For newcomers, can you tell us who you guys are?

We are a blues rock n roll band from Edinburgh called Black Cat Bone.

Describe the other members in 3 words.

Same but different.

Now, how long have you guys been interested in being professional musicians?

As individuals we all have varied experience in the music industry but Black Cat Bone has been on the scene for 4 years, forming originally from open jam nights around our hometown.

What's your favorite part of your set list?

Has to be the last 3 songs from the set. By then the audience are warmed up, you're vibing off the energy from the crowd and we always leave 3 stompers to end on a high.

What's the most exciting thing you have coming up?

We have a lot of exciting festivals coming up but I think playing our first gig in King Tuts on Friday 23rd June is what we are most looking forward to.

What's your go to jam session fuel - drinks, coffee, snacks?

Coffee, rollies and beer.

Of the music you have released now, what type of movie do you think it would be on the soundtrack of? At what scene?

I could see our music being the core soundtrack to the film Black Snake Moan in particular the sweaty gig scene. Also am sure our song Remiss could fit on any bar room brawl scene!

And finally, thanks for chatting with us, now take a second and pimp yourselves! Where can people find updates from you, listen to your music or chat to you guys?

Thanks for the interview guys, you can find us on all the usual social media platforms and listen to our music on Spotify or Bandcamp. We are due to release a new EP with our new lineup so keep an eye on our pages for updates and releases.

Another huge thank you to Black Cat Bone for lending me their time and check them out at their links below!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackcatbone13
Twitter: www.twitter.com/blackcatbone3
BandCamp: www.blackcatbone13.bandcamp.com