NHC MUSIC Chats To The Label

How are you folks! Glad to finally get you on the website for a chat, especially with a cracker of a gig on the near horizon, looking forward to it?

Big time! We’ve had many great nights in Tut’s and this will be another one to add to that list. We’ve been keeping our heads down this year, but this is a great chance to go and entertain some people who maybe haven’t seen us before.

So, you got other big plans for the year then? We have seen that you are planning a bit of a quiet summer, does that mean recording rather than gigging? Or just less live shows?

A bit of both. We’ve been doing a lot of writing of late, and so we want to really work on that and get a big batch of new material together for everyone. That being said, we’ll still pop our heads out of our hideaway when the right gigs come along, such as this one with Queen Zee. But this year for us is all about working on putting together an even bigger and better show for the fans that keep turning up to see us. They’re kind enough to give us their money, so it would be arrogant of us to just rest on our laurels.

We have had a lot of chat at NHC recently about the state of the local music scene, and what we can do to revitalise it, do you guys feel that it’s a harder slog for bands these days? If so, what would you recommend as far as changes go?

I think life in general is a harder slog for everyone these days. It’s no surprise to see so many people turn to music as a form of escape, but of course this has resulted in a massive pool of bands. At the same time, interest amongst the general public in live bands has declined, and so there isn’t really the demand there to sustain everyone. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any easy fixes. What I would say though is that the tastemakers of both the new and old media seem content to push utter mediocrity, and so it’s no surprise the masses don’t go for it. There IS exciting new music out there, that’s more than just pretty people recycling their parents record collection with worse lyrics. It just needs presented to a wider audience so that people can find it. I guess the only changes that can actually be made in the meantime are by the bands themselves. Keep working on being the best musician you can be and writing the best songs you can and hope fate takes over at some point. However, it’s important new bands are aware of the vultures out there and steer clear of them, as all they are doing is vacuuming money and therefore support out of the scene. That’s where NHC’s list of promoters comes in. Or as we have done ourselves in the past and intend to do again in the future, organise gigs yourself and cut out the middle men entirely.

Back to the upcoming gig, you’re supporting the excellent Queen Zee, who seem like a cracking match for you guys. Tell me though, who would you have up there as your perfect band match, who could you never say no to, and drop everything to share a stage with, if they came calling?

Well, I’m going to jump right in at the deep end and say Queens of the Stone Age! I think they’ve proven themselves over the past 15 years or so to be the best band in the world, and have certainly been a big inspiration to us. But I’m going to cheat a little and name a band closer to home. The Xcerts, one of the most energetic bands I know and have a catalogue full of pop gold.

Let’s stay on the other bands theme, who else from Glasgow should we be looking to see live, who are The Label’s live recommendations for our readers?

Well, although they’re actually from Edinburgh, IdKid are a great live band that I’ve seen in Glasgow a few times now. Bags of energy and a great drummer. If you’re looking for something a bit stompier, check out The Naked Feedback. They’ve got riffs coming out their ears – almost as many as us!

Let’s change it up a wee bit now, tell us a bit about your best ever gig, and your worst ever gig as a band? Was an event ever so bad, for any reason, that you thought ‘fuck this for a laugh’, alternatively was a gig ever so great that you thought ‘I want to do this shit forever’?

Haha, there’s been some real highs and a couple of lows. Worst ever gig has to be a few years ago at an unnamed venue with the stage a full floor above the crowd. The other two bands were under 18, as were their fans. The headline act was a touring band from down south who had to pull out. We were drunk, playing to a sprinkling of sober teenagers who had no interest in us. There was no bass amp, both guitars suffered broken strings and we played a half-written song, which I forgot the words to. I don’t think they even turned the lights down for our set!

Thankfully, those gigs are a rarity. I have a few favourite gigs, but it’s the individual moments that stand out. I remember playing Tuts one Christmas where we’d snuck in a little Stevie Wonder cover, and looking at the crowd all dancing with each other, laughing and smiling. That was a ‘this is what it’s all about’ moment. Likewise, we opened for VANT and totally won over their fans. There was a wee guy in a yellow shirt at the front who seemed to be really enjoying it. And when we launched our Vodka & Lemonade EP, having people come up and asking us to sign it was surreal. Those moments probably sum up what it is that makes us love making and playing music.

The floor is now yours! Anything else you want to tell us about the rest of 2017?

Corbyn or May, the economy will tank in the short term, so buy your Euros before the election. As for us, stay tuned for exciting new music from Label HQ throughout the year. But the only way to hear it this year will be to come out and see us at one of our rare appearances. We’re actually looking to start bringing some of our favourite bands from around the country to our wee outpost of Paisley. We’re hopeful that this can be organised for the latter part of this year, and so have more information for you nearer the time! We’ve got a few things up our sleeve, but we need to keep some secrets for now.

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Or even better, as talked about above, the guys have a bloody gig coming up soon in Glasgow at King Tuts! Event page here, not to be missed;