Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. Review - B. Neeson

If the current Marvel on screen universe is Happy days the Guardians of the Galaxy is the Fonz.

It exists as part of it but not really obeying the same rules as it. And it works. GOTG Vol 1 was a surprising breath of fresh air and Vol 2 follows suit. It builds on the characters from the first film with stand outs for me being Draxx. It answers questions from the first about who exactly was Starlord's father and has a ton of cameos that will make your nerd side happy as well as a couple you really didn't see coming. It also pays a great bit of homage to a fan theory about Stan Lee and his role in the MU.

And of course it has that key thing that made Vol 1 such a stand out.......The soundtrack. Once again the soundtrack reunites us with some classics that we had forgotten we loved but it took a talking raccoon to do so.

Now I wish I could say I didn't have any issues with GOTG vol 2 but I did. For one....and Jack Burton forgive me..... I didn't like Kurt Russell in this film I felt like he was just playing himself and not playing a character which is disappointing given his entrance into the film's current time line (not the flash back at the beginning). It just seemed like a missed opportunity and it wasn't the only one. Was Vol 2 as good as Vol 1? At first I thought yes but after some time to digest it it came up just a little short. Lets face it everyone remembers the first time the Fonz makes the jukebox work but nots so much the second or 3rd time. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.” is out now on general release.

...AND DON'T FUCKING LEAVE BEFORE THE END OF THE CREDITS!!! I mean really? there have been about 15 films now and people are still getting out their seats as soon as the credits start?!?

B. Neeson