Don’t Fear The Reaper – A Benefit Compilation For Scottish Cancer Care - A Review By Jenny Tingle

Don’t Fear The Reaper – A Benefit Compilation For Scottish Cancer Care

Whether it’s your kind of music or not, there’s something very likeable about Punk. It’s loud, fast and often gives zero shits about the technical ability of band members. It’s all about spirit. Punk is a genre which just won’t be put down.
Five bands (Kneejerk Reaction, Crotch Rott, Bucky Skanks, Semtex and The Fuck Ups) put together this charity album to benefit Scottish cancer patients. For all their undeserved reputation as an antisocial fringe group, Punks care. Deeply.  
In other situations, this album could be overly- sentimental collection of songs anchored in tragedy. Which would not make listeners feel any better.  
But punk doesn’t do self-pity. Instead it gets mad.  
Seriously. Fuck cancer.

Kneejerk Reaction kicks off the album with the first four tracks:

Apathetic Society- a fast-paced ska punk complaint.
Growing Pains- Brooding guitars until an “ah, fuck it” moment when the rest of the band piles in and really brings the noise.
Gold Ring & Diamonds is wonderfully sarcastic.  
I Can’t See finishes Kneejerk Reaction’s contribution to the album with a cheerfully vitriolic ex-lovesong.

Crotch Rott sound like they’ve had a few before they recorded. It’s raw, live, lo-fidelity and full of energy. If you like Black Flag, these guys might be for you!
Another 24 hours – Anthem for daily struggle with catchy guitar riffs
Bomb Drop – Bitter pessimism you can grin and dance to
Bastards – is mad as hell, shouty and made for headbanging. Lovely bass tone.
Writing Songs…..Disnae Change Shit - But this one’s a belter nonetheless.

Bucky Skanks – Their contribution is short and not sweet. Ska punk with extra teeth.

Panic Attack- Dissonant, edgy and catchy, with hooky bass and satisfying screaming and snare destruction. I like it!
Empty Belly – Tragic song supported by bouncy ska and some brilliant drumming.

Semtex have a more hard-rock influenced element.

Musta Had- A song about drinking until your memory leaks out.
Down By Your Grave – beautiful sad and contemplative guitars for about ten seconds until the band kicks it’s way in.
SwitchBlade – Semtex really hammer this one out
Buckfast - Yes, this album has a song named after Wreck The Hoose Juice. And it’s great!

The Fuck Ups are politically invested in the same way as a terrier with its teeth in a Tory arm!

Insolent as hell with a driving rhythm section and plenty of lovely distortion and shouting.   
Chernobyl – cements The Fuck Ups as the loudest band on the album
Monarchy – The Fuck Ups really don’t like them.
Narcissistic Tendencies- catchy ska chop-and-change mixed with hurtling guitars and drums
Scotland’s Shame - a list with a sarcastic guitar riff
State of Society - fast-paced, desperate, last-song-of-the-gig, jig- til-ya-die punk.