Bobby Deans - Four Generations EP Review - Dave Sweeney

The first time I became aware of Bobby Deans I was feeling rather nervous premiering a very recent expanded line up and firmly recall being very impressed by his quiet confidence soundchecking with the sublime Savage Cut. His subsequent live rendition of Madhouse Magical convinced me to snap up the split single they were launching that very night. I knew from that one song that this was a guy to keep an eye on.

Fast forward a few months and I spy with my little eye a new EP. One of those new plastic fivers for four songs from this guy seemed like a safe bet to me, so off to NHC. Upon first listen I was as usual struck by the direct and raw honesty in both the music and vocal delivery. Bobby Deans has an ear for a great simple tune and a unique way of blending sounds together into exciting bursts of aural pleasure. Hats off also to mixer Andy Isacsson, from start to finish the production is top notch. It makes me feel in safe hands on the upcoming Now That's What Aye Call NHC Music Vol 1 (plug the fuck out of everything is my motto, Bobby is getting a big enough ego puff here to spare a sentence or two).

Anyway, back to the main show. I'm really hard pushed to pick a favourite from the bunch, for a four song sampler there is a lot of depth to explore here. Lonely Traveller sticks out for me due to a great use of feedback throughout. Closing track Made Of Stone is notable for a truly epic vocal performance and euphoric crescendo ending. I find I need to spin this one at least twice every time I listen, it always feels like it's over too soon. Leave them forever wanting more is a decent strategy though, and this bunch of songs on a loop is no bad thing at all. I'm a bit of a prickly fucker who can be hard to please, and this has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. You can't really ask for more than that from a CD.

Top marks all round.

D. Sweeney