Brutality Descends From the North - Seed Of Sorrow - World Impaled Review - C. McCaskill

Seed of Sorrow –World Impaled

Track listing:

1.      Baptism Of Fire

2.      Death Fuck Ritual

3.      Crush Your Enemies

4.      Tearing Me Apart

5.      Disease Ridden Shit Sphere

6.      Bonus track: Clown Puncher, live at Bloodstock Open Air 2016

After smashing the face off of people at Bloodstock, Seed of Sorrow are now set to drop a massive bomb on the U.K death metal scene with their new album World Impaled; a flash flood of pure chaos brewed from the highlands. World Impaled releases 3rd June, and has five ball booting tracks to chew into. You’re even gifted with a bonus track of Clown Puncher live at Bloodstock too!

There’s no punches held back as they take you through an adventure of fast-paced aneurysm inducing riffs. Guitarists Mark Savage, Nick Laidlaw, and Donald Tolmie show clear confidence in each other’s playing capabilities; throwing in some stand out hooks blending the sequences together whilst keeping their ferocious pace at the same time.  Drummer John Murray makes sure to set the pace at 100% consistently while blasting his way through the tracks, and threading a fine variety of groove on his way through too. Vocalist Lewis Goodwin throws in his high impact vocals smashing into the mix of the wall of sound that is being produced. With that said World Impaled should be your next investment; it will not let you down… or let you go for that matter as well!

FTFO: The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, Veil of Maya, Lorna Shore, Thy Art is Murder.

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Live at Bloodstock 2016: