New Zero God – Under The Influence Of Pan Ikatac - John Innes

New Zero God are from Greece, and this is their latest EP available through their Bandcamp page. I will soon run out of superlatives for this, so here goes:

Hell Bet On Me To Lose – a rollicking rocker storms your eardrums – very hard not to want to get the air guitar out and strike your best Jonny Thunders pose. Just a great pre-punk sound akin to The Motors and New York Dolls without sounding in the least bit dated. Top production with spattering of samples over a glorious guitar driven track with ferocious vocals from Mike Pougounas, formerly of Greek legends The Flowers of Romance.

Under The Radar is more of a straight ahead punk rock steamroller with a terracing friendly chorus, and more of the brilliantly subtle twists and turns that punctuates the band’s unique sound. Shadow of Wealth mix by (the totally brilliant) Dark En Ceil is simply stunning. Heavy (Thomas Leer like) industrial synth is supplemented by a wonderous ethereal dream pop synths that rise and fall to that industrial beat like still sea threatening a tsumami

The original version of Shadow of Wealth is still a fantastic piece of work, this time with sound effects displaying an inventiveness that is both inspired and inspiring – forget rocking out to this one, just prepare to be amazed at the superb playing, singing, production and depth of talent on view.
Mike Pougounas: Vocals, Keyboards, Tambourine
Babis Efthimiou: Drums, Programming (Release Lineup)
Michalis Semertzoglou: Bass, Guitars
Akis Nikolaidis: Guitars
John Psimopoulos: Drums (Live Lineup)

Music and Lyrics: Mike Pougounas
Produced by Babis Efthimiou
Mastered by John Psimopoulos (JP Audio Mastering & Sound Design)
Recorded at: QZN Recording Studios [Athens, Greece] 2016-2017