*Exclusive* - RANCID Have A New Release Coming Out - News Brought To You With Much Excitement From C.T. Herron

Allow us to be one of the first in the world at Hellfire, to announce that veteran punk rockers Rancid have just announced a brand new album for June 9th this year, entitled 'Trouble Maker' if you preorder now from the website you get an instant download of new track 'Ghost Of A Chance'. 


When the Clash dropped the baton in 1986, as the flagship punk rockers of the world, Rancid weren't too far along after to pick it back up in 1991. Rancid are a modern-day Clash, not afraid to draw influence from ska, reggae, rockabilly and a host of other genres to keep their music diverse and fulfilling.

Their first six albums Rancid, Let's Go, Out Come The Wolves, Life Won't Wait, Rancid 2000 and Indestructible are solid gold albums from intro to outro and every track in between. Let The Dominoes Fall was good, and the band were right back on form in 2014 with the brilliant Honor Is All We Know, so we'll look forward to hearing what one of the greatest punk bands (if not the greatest bands) in the world has to offer this summer, but I'm sure it will be touched by genius as always.

Lars who is like the co-frontman of Rancid with Tim, also has side projects The Bastards and The Old Firm Casuals, and NHC had a face to face interview with the legend himself in August last year at Nice N' Sleazy's which you can check out here:


Tim Armstrong is one of the most prolific musicians around at the moment, with his sandpaper and glue voice and his tireless work effort to constantly produce music making him like a Bob Dylan of the punk world. Apart from running Hellcat records he also has side projects in Tim Timebomb, Transplants and Tim Armstrong & The Aggrolites, all worth checking out offering everything from rap to rock and roll to reggae.

Tracklisting for Troublemaker is typically epic in length, as Rancid are prone to, and just as we like it, (getting your money's worth at 19 tracks) and for the serious fans the song names are as follows;

  1. Track Fast
  2. Ghost of a Chance
  3. Telegraph Avenue
  4. An Intimate Close Up of a Street Punk Trouble Maker
  5. Where I'm Going
  6. Buddy
  7. Farewell Lola Blue
  8. All American Neighborhood
  9. Bovver Rock & Roll
  10. Make It Out Alive
  11. Molly Make Up Your Mind
  12. I Got Them Blues Again
  13. Beauty of the Pool Hall
  14. Say Goodbye To Our Heroes
  15. I Kept A Promise
  16. Cold Cold Blood
  17. This Is Not The End
  18. We Arrived Right On Time
  19. Go On Rise Up

Rancid are touring all this summer and this troublemaker is definitely going to... SEEYA' IN THE PIT!!

C.T Herron