Taking a break from being the so-called “kingmaker of local hip hop” I go back to my punk roots and wrap my ears around what is said to be the final offering from veteran punk rockers The Sux Pastels. A great name for a band, but the first time I heard it I understandably assumed they were a Sex Pistols tribute act - but they’re not - heavily influenced by the Pistols, sure, but these seasoned, self-taught, D.I.Y musicians have their own original music which I am about to hear.

‘Big Red Button’ starts off with an apocalyptic intro, a nuclear explosion, and then a nice slice of rifftastic guitar kicks it off, accompanied by some great throbbing bass and some nicely sliced solos. Gang vocs, snarling singing, and three chords make this very appealing to my punk senses. It’s not sloppy though, no matter how much it tries to be, it’s very tight as you would expect from such road-tested musicians. A great wee track to kick things off anyway.

‘Filthy Rich’ is a very Pistols-esque track except with a bit more harmony. The bassist is brilliant, almost as dexterous on those strings as Matt Freeman. ‘Tastes Like Sugar’ is classic punk, a guitar-driven lament that puts me in mind of Wreckless Eric for some reason, with some pounding drums and trippy guitar effects.

‘Girl In The Window’ has a cool little guitar intro, and is a nice slice of crooning punk with an almost ska lilt to it. It’s a bonus track as it never made the EP, perhaps because it wasn’t punk enough, I don’t know, but good song anyway, you can hear it on their FB page here

It would be good to hear a whole album from the Pastels but as that might never happen you can get their Eps in the NHC shop (or by “asking your favourite Sux Pastel for a copy”). A short but sweet record from a band that started just from mates jamming together and have played some great live shows and done it all their own way, independent to the core.

The Sux Pastels are Brian Cunningham (bass/vocs), Murray Dalglish (drums), NHC’s own Martin McCann (guitar/vocs) and Andy Methven (guitar/vocs). Old skool punk rock with a slightly modern twist to it, rough, but melodic too, like The Buzzcocks. Martin and Brian have been playing together since the 80’s and were in original East Kilbride garage bands together. The drummer, Murray Dalglish, was the first drummer for the Jesus & Mary Chain! And each member is a proficient musician and an original punk - proving punk’s not dead, it’s sucking pastels!

Seeya’ in the pit

C.T.H (Gonzo Div)