NHC MUSIC Catches Up With Das Plastixx

Hello again guys! Fantastic to get you back in for another chat, seems to be at exactly the right time to be honest, as you guys have been hard at work with quite a bit of new stuff recently! So give our readers a quick catch up then, what's been happening so far in 2017?

Jack (vocals): We're finally releasing some tunes that we recorded a wee while ago.

Gavin (drums): Since my wrist has healed, we've just been trying to play live as much as possible.

Mark (guitar): We found out our bassist is a transgender space goth so that was a bit of a shock. But we are really excited to be playing live again

You've recently had a cracking release night for the new single, so tell us a wee bit about Fahrenheit itself, what brought the idea for the track about in the first place? Was it a team effort, or a grand thought from one of you that you just ran with? Tell us a bit about the process from idea to stage for this one.

Jamie (bass): We were talking about doing something more fast paced that people could jump about to. Mark came up with this simple guitar line and we ended up just basing the whole song around it.

I have to say, I am absolutely loving the ideas of limited edition, unique CD releases. Do you feel that this type of release is the way forward in terms of getting the public back into buying physical formats and away from digital downloads? I hate downloads myself, would much rather a physical release, so I'm hopeful that this something you think you will continue to do with future releases!

Jamie: It definitely made people more interested but I don't know if we'll be doing it again. Maybe with some more planning.

The new release has been getting some high praise indeed already, and is catching some decent airplay too. Has the attention it has been getting already come as a surprise, or where you expecting the public to love it right off the bat? I'm always amazed by how polar opposite some bands are with regards to how much they think the listeners will react to their new releases to be honest!

Jamie: The first time we played it I think we all knew we were onto a winner.

Jack: I think the fact we were willing to use it as a single tells that we thought it was half decent anyway!

So what's the rest of the bands plans for 2017 then, you already got more gig lined up, or are you planning some more releases soon?

Jamie: Got some more gigs lined up over the next couple of months at Broadcast with West Princes, Fauves and our pals Crystal on the 27th of May, and we're supporting Merigot Boost Sound at The Buff Club on the 10th of June. After that, we hope to be releasing our debut EP very soon.

Jack: Aye, that.

Cheers again to Das Plastixx for stopping by for a catch up, if you don't already know the lads and the great tunes that they play (including the fantastic single we are talking about above!) then you know what to do on the link below, get to it;


Picture Credit - Liam Francis Quigley