Gordon Harrow Indian Giver EP - John Innes

Every so often we manage to get other musicians to put down their own instruments (ooer missus) and have a listen to another artists music for a review. This time we hot Savage Cut's very own John Innes to review the new EP from Gordon Harrow. We at NHC already love it, it seems John does too;

Gordon Harrow Indian Giver EP The four tracks ooze with the juices of early 70’s Glam with passing nods to Sweet and Cockney Rebel held together with tight Beatlesque harmonies and power pop hooks that make the EP totally irresistible.

The stand out track for me is ‘Mercury’, but all four tracks deliver a glitter filled punch with some nifty guitar tones throughout and drumming that verges on tribal – little or no snare or cymbals, just driving echoing kick and toms, but this is just too good to forensically examine.

Just turn it up… For those who like their Glam, Feeder, Buzzcocks – powerfully delivered pop beats and riffs, decent lyrics, great harmonies and crafted by folk who sound like they know what they are doing…sounds like a no brainer to me.

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