CKY Bring the Chaos to Glasgow - Ciaran McCaskill

CKY Bring the Chaos to Glasgow

CKY cost me my vision last night… well that’s not entirely true that would be the amount of alcohol that was consumed beforehand. As this was the first alcoholic gig experience I have had in a while I was well in the middle of being that anxiety riddled teen with zero alcohol tolerance who probably should have been told just to go to bed.

From the outset when I first seen the tour poster for CKY it was loaded with smaller venues dotted around the U.K, which in my eyes appeared that the guys may have not had the confidence that the tour would be a success. If they were thinking that then, by fuck they were completely wrong. Shows across the U.K have sold out and some have even had venue upgrades. Such as the Glasgow gig, originally lined up for King Tut’s was then upgraded to the Garage and then sold that out too! The CKY alliance is far from dead and that was shown from the masses that swarmed to see the three perform in front of our eyeballs. All those favourites were played, 96 quite bitter beings of course being played. Although they had the crowd at their knees with the golden oldies in their arsenal they played a couple of new songs in amongst the set list too. Hearing Days of Self Destruction live and the response from the crowd goes to show that the band themselves have made a long lasting effect with the fans they already have, plus those who have just experienced the band for the first time.

I’d like to say that CKY have a special relationship with the U.K. I have not been to a gig like that yet, a sweatfest with hundreds of people cramped into one hall, all to hear three guys play some music. It was minging... but no one gave a fuck, it just added to the atmosphere. Every song ended with a crowd chant of CKY which Jess seemed to have enjoyed tapping his foot along to every time. It’s clear that not only Glasgow but the whole of the U.K still have the thirst for CKY. Especially after last night, I am now definitely looking forward to their release of The Phoenix on June 16th.

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