The Minority Rule - A Review - Thomas Neil

A month or two ago I put the feelers out to get some Interviews/Reviews from Ayrshire based bands because I figured being from Ayrshire myself I should have it still home town pride if it's an entire region? Well whatever it was I wanted to hear from some local bands and Mark Magill the manager of The Minority Rule was nice enough to get in touch. Speaking of which make sure and check out the Interview The Minority Rule were nice enough to do with me it should be going up roundabout the same time as this posts or not long after.

So anyway I had the opportunity to listen to a couple of The Minority rules songs and here are my thoughts.

‘MTV’ was the first of the two songs and considering my love hate relationship with that channel I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel but immediately I was won over by MTV and its sweet opening riff that made me want to go back and watch Scott Pilgrim for reasons that aren’t quite clear. This song has a lot of energy and is just the epitome of a punk song. The entire song just seemed like an ode to the classics like the sex pistols, a lot of righteous anger and raw sounds. I really liked this track and encourage as many of you to listen to it as possible.

‘Her Black Dog’ was a little different to the first track, although it still has some kickass guitar riffs which I loved. Something that both songs have in common is that they aren’t overproduced, this track and MTV were meant to be listened to, meant to be heard while you're dancing in front of a stage spilling beer on your mates….note to the readers though don’t waste beer. It just feels real and The Minority Rule need to be commended for that. They’ve managed to do in two songs what a lot of bands struggle to do.

So have a listen and if you like the tracks and want to listen to them then follow this link and if you wanna keep up to date on the band them give them a like on Facebook by following this link