In Vein - Veiled In Pain Review - Dave Sweeney

At NHC MUSIC we love sending our reviewers some music that might be just a bit out of their comfort zone. We want them to find something new to love too, after all. Sometimes it doesn't match up at all, but sometimes they find something a bit more to their liking, This was one of those times, as we sent resident reviewer Dave Sweeney some Industrial Goth-Rock all the way from Greece...

It's not often I listen to Gothic Industrial, so I was fairly intrigued when I received this album to review.  Straight off the bat, have to say I love the opening drum sequence on Heart Blades, reminiscent of Earthling era Bowie.  Some interesting noises going on here, I like my music to contain surprises.  Guitar sounds throughout are heavy but clear as a bell, I find the vocals a bit obvious for the genre but they fit well with the music. 

Production throughout is very polished, a good sounding bunch of songs.
Acoustic track Grave Of Our Love is an interesting touch, with lovely swelling strings. The track that really stands out for me is Veil of Pain, a solid stomper of a song that's catchy as hell. Overall, I enjoyed listening and would recommend to anyone who is into the genre.

Dave Sweeney