The Media Whores - Dangerous Minds Review - Dave Sweeney

I have to admire a band that has the nerve to produce an extremely catchy and potential hit song called "Can't Say Whore On The Radio". Besides the lyrical content it is a rollicking tune, and it's not the only one on Dangerous Minds. Frack Off has a great chorus, with some wonderful backing vocals and some nice lead guitar work too. The bass that kicks off Raking It In pops like the best of punk and then it veers off to almost glam rock, with a great wee lead lick over the top. This is jolly music about nasty stuff. I really like it.

Personally, I don't listen to a lot of recently recorded music as there is still so much amazing material to be discovered in the past. It's great to occasionally find an LP that reminds you how good new music can be, and that there is talent literally around the corner that may never bother commercial radio for one reason or another. This is such an LP.

Do You Think I'm Lying is a foot tapping, head nodding belter of a song. Balls to the wall rock that makes you smell sweat dripping from your sound system. Nice breakdown too. The bizarre sound effects on You Can't Win sparked the interest of my cat, which was very entertaining to watch. Rory likes to hang with dad and listen to all sorts of interesting records discovered through crate digging so he's a bit of a connoisseur of good music. If he likes it you probably will too.

A song called Vinyl Head is always going to catch my attention. Nice breakdown of the past I mentioned earlier in the review. I am writing this review as I listen so it is bizarre for it to come full circle. "The indie record store's the best place to breathe" has me thinking of yesterday when I accidentally just missed this poor man's head while eagerly handing over a bunch of Zappa albums to the guy behind the counter at Love Music. I apologised and he replied "That's Ok, I can think of worse things than death by vinyl". Couldn't agree more with that sentiment.

Almost at the end now and I must say this will definitely be a regular listen here at Pussy Palace. The solos in Black Widow sing to you in a lovely tone of distortion like all good guitar solos should. I could go on about this album all day. Skinny rounds off the whole thing with more hit song material, casually shrugged off with confidence and aplomb. I'd give it a standing ovation if there was anybody here to appreciate it. Round of applause deserved for a quality album.

A brief aside:
I met (then) Media Whores guitarist Jim MacKellar at a Bowie themed charity event when he marched up to me with Alladin Sane lightning bolt facepainted on and shook my hand then commented on how much he liked the look of Rihanna, my sexy Epiphone Les Paul. He then offered her big sister Gibson LP as a spare during my upcoming set.

Nice guy. I hear Bowie all over this record, though none of it sounds like him, there's just the same feeling to the music that is found in Bowie, particularly his early 70's output. This is a band with a very confident swagger, and as this album is my introduction to them it will be interesting to travel backwards through their discography to check out how they got here.