Anomalies EP - A Review - Thomas Neil

Anomalies are an Ayrshire based band made up Bryan Miller, Chris Perendes, Colin Hunter and they were nice enough to give me an Interview as well as let me listen to their stuff and if you want to check that Interview out then follow this link:

I had free reign with what to review by the Anomalies and went with their EP and I wasn’t too sure what to expect from a band who describe themselves as ambient but I was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer and I’m really excited to hear more.

‘A Secret We Keep’ was the first track on the EP and it just fills a room I kinda just sat back and let it wash over me, it's a tremendous start to an EP the right balance of soft melody that breaks into something a little heavier. I think this song takes a few listens to appreciate it as much as it deserves. But it flows really well and I certainly don’t want to keep it a secret.

‘We’re Not To Blame’ Instantly a much different opening to the previous song, almost like a 90’s transitional theme from some TV show I can’t quite remember but to be honest that just made me like it more. The guitar riff in particular was excellent. Their a lull at around the 2:30 mark where the song slows down before it belts it out again for the last bit of the song and it catches you just when you’re starting to get used to it.

‘All For You’ was the last track on the EP and I think it was my favourite of the three songs, the opening was very deep and like with the first song I felt the need to just lie back and let the song happen. I wasn’t trying to analyse it or come up with something smart to say I was just letting the song happen and it made me appreciate it all the more. Anomalies have a very distinct and esoteric style that I’d definitely pay to hear again and All For You is a prime example of why.

So it's clear what I think about the Anomalies but make up your own mind and If you want to hear more from Anomalies then follow this link and if you want to keep up to date with the band then like them on facebook by following this link