Savage Cut / Lisa Kowalski Hit The Studio Together - And The Results Are Epic

The title says 'epic', but to be honest, the title undersells it somewhat. We didn't think we would need words like 'an extraordinary combination of psyched up guitars and punchy vocals from two of NHC MUSIC's favourit artists', or carefully put together plaudits such as 'powerfully charged and uniquely vibrant lyrics, lyrics that seem to be crafted specifically for anyone who needs to make a stand against the wrongs of the world we currently find ouselves in'.

But you know what? Aye. Aye, both of them work as descriptions, and both of them are spot on the money, they would just be too damn long for a title is all. Once again Savage Cut makes a pairing to remember, last time it was with the excellent Bobby Deans (Madhouse Magical - You can hear that here), and this time it is with fantastic singer/songwriter Lisa Kowalski, but no matter who it is with, it always seems to strike a rich seem of co-operative gold. Fuck knows how they manage to work so well with so many other musicians, it's normally like herding cats for us...

Lisa Kowalski sounds like she was made for this song. She brings some harsher edges to her vocals on this track than she normally has on her own, and it works perfectly, both with the tone of the song and the driving guitars that propel it forward like a steamroller. It's not just a song for demonstrations and marches (although it certainly does fit into that mould with ease), it's also a song for anyone looking to the future with hope, standing up to inequality whenever we see it, and trying to just, well, be better people.

Check it out on the band link below, you will find some more from the band on there as well, including the aforementioned track with Bobbie Deans (Who is playing tonight at the Glad Cafe, so maybe see you there!) and also the new collaboration with Leyla Josephine titled Andy From Finance, which I have only just heard today (to my shame) and it's another cracker of a track, these guys just keep hitting them out the park, and long may that continue!*

*although I love the band and every track they previously have brought to the table, we will never agree on MUSE.

J. McD