Tough Mudder - Another Drunken Decision We've Made This Year

I'll keep this brief, possibly because I may be typing this up through streams of warm salty tears. If only you knew how hard it was to use a small laptop keyboard when your big stubby hands are shaking with the sheer force of the sobbing you are doing. It’s not pretty. It never is if I’m being honest, but this time even less so.

I did it again. I got drunk, and I stupidly agreed to do something that I should never have agreed to. Last time I agreed to a similar thing (also drunk… spoiler alert, this is a recurring theme), and last time I hurt myself badly. I mean sure, I completed the task, but it took six weeks for my torn tendons to not feel like fiery pain every time I used my left leg (which is all the time), and a little bit longer until I eventually stopped getting shooting pains up my back every time I sneezed (which due to allergies, was also all the time).

You might have guessed it, but I’m now in a race. A race called Tough Mudder, and when I say ’race’, I actually mean a slow, painful drag across 12 frickin’ miles of assault course and jogging. I’m 37 years old, I occasionally like a drink during the day, i'm heavier than I should be, and my good knee is only slightly more robust than my bad knee, this will not end well. How long do I have to train? Well it’s either the 17th or the 18th or June, so that a whole 8 weeks or so to train.

I might as well be training for the Olympics. Bloody liquor.

Anyway. When you find yourself running headlong into hell, there is only one thing to do, and tha's drag some other poor bastard along with you. That’s why myself and Chrissy will be doing the run/jog/crawl slowly together, because misery loves company… and no one like crying alone.

Although we were going to be raising funds to help us keep the doors open at NHC (We run completely as a not for profit remember, and trading conditions haven’t exactly been fantastic these past few months for small organisations like ourselves… you know, Brexit and shit) we also have other organisations and charities close to our hearts for a variety of reasons. This is why all money raised for our terrible drunken plans will be split equally with the charity MIND. So please do give generously folks, if not to see us two squirm in pain, then to support both causes.

Here are a couple of sponsor sheets you can do online, using card or PayPal. If you prefer you can do it the old-fashioned way and add your name to one of the sponsor sheets floating around volunteers and the shop. Every week on the run up to the race we will also update the total raised below, so please do help us reach, and smash, the 1k target! -£3 Sponsor - £5 Sponsor - £10 Sponsor