Snow In Snow EP - Craig White - A Review

Listening to a song titled 'Snow' in the blistering heat of an unusually warm Glasgow sun seems a bit strange at first, but with a song this patiently and expertly crafted, it certainly doesn't seem chilling in any way. In fact, I would say it suits the blue skies overhead quite well.

Today's EP review stars Craig White, a talented singer songwriter hailing from Glasgow. The EP is a fantastic slice of softly uttered tales, which surprises me at first to be honest, as for some reason I expected something a bit coarser and more rough around the edges. Christ knows why as I have heard Craig live in the past and enjoyed his stuff immensly, but this EP is a perfectly polished slice of indie-joy. It reminds me of one of our other favourite artists here at NHC (Fallen Arches), as it has the same urban storytellers flow to it, like each tune is a carefully written ode to a particular point in the singers own life, particular points that could easily be reflected in the lives of each listener.

From the upbeat and almost hurried feel to End Of An Era, to the far more sedate and comforting, somewhat melancholic sounds of the Title track of the EP 'Snow', this is a well written, and expertly crafted EP, with each of the tracks sounding just different enough to peak your interest on a first play-through, but just similar enough to keep you wanting more of the same long after the last song has finished playing.

Essentially it's a good 'un. You'll be playing the damn thing more than once anyway, of that you can be assured. This is my fifth run though, the sun is still blazing in the sky, I still have beer, and the weekend has just started.

Overall this was an excellent way to start the day!