Lisa Kowalski - Free Spirits EP

New EP review time?

Aye. Aye it is.

Sometimes I dread the review moments when they pop up, as I want to be nice about what I am hearing... but what if I don't like it? What then? If the guitars are poor will I commend the drummer? If the vocals are weak, will I wax lyrical about the bassist? Will there be enough cowbell?? So many questions already spring up as I link up my headphones to the laptop port each time...

Thankfully there was nothing to worry about this time round. It was Lisa Kowalski after all, so I was already confident I was in good hands. To put it simply, If you could get pure pop joy in tablet form then Lisa's bright and charm-filled tracks would be a prescription for the masses. It's well written, it's catchy, it's sung superbly (there is a reason Lisa is a favourite singer/songwriter at NHC) and although it's not to my usual, angry end of day tastes (often the heavier the better for me, it drowns out the constant email reminder bleeps issuing from my laptop!) but I can still envisage every one of these tracks putting smiles on faces across the country.

Hell, even I have a smile on my face after listening to the 4 track EP in full. That's not an easy task for me without copious amounts of alcohol added to the mix. Tonight I am beer free and yet, surprisingly cheery. It's no coincidence that it's Lisa's tracks issuing from the laptop at the same time as my pleasant mood springs itself on me.

Best track (for me) has to be Looking But Not Finding, as this one seems to have slightly more melancholic edge to it than the rest. It's almost a bit of rain amidst the sunny day, or a streak of dark cloud hanging in the blue skies above. Not everything can be sunny and blue and bright you see, a wee bit of rain every once in a while has it's place in the world, if only just to show us just how good the blue skies are whenever they come about. Lisa handles the rain just as well as she handles the blue skies in her lyrics, and this is the mark of a truly talented young song writer, who has so many more blue skies to sing about in the future, and I hope to hear them all.

J. McD.