Always Monday - Battle of the band's set list Review - Thomas Neil

Always Monday are an Ayrshire based blues/Rock group made up of Fraser Keegan (Lead Vocal/Keys/Harmonica), Benjamin McGahon (Drums/Backing Vocal), Sean McPhail (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocal), James Madden (Bass Guitar) And Lewis Keegan (Rhythm Guitar)

I’ll be reviewing a set list for the Fanny By Gaslight battle of the band 2016, where they came in first place.

‘Grass Is Not Greener’ has a nice little keyboard intro, almost playful in a way, it builds really well to the entire group belting in, a fusion of guitars and drums and bass. The lead vocalist is really talented, he throws himself into singing capturing a recognizable blues style that easy to imitate but not always easy to get right. This track in particular has an almost electronic vibe to it, like it’d do well in an old video game.

‘Easy Come Easy Go’ This track has a lot of energy to it, building on the momentum of the previous track really well, and again Keegan has that bluesy voice in his grips as he belts out the lyrics, this song blends them sound together really well and it's no wonder why they won the Battle of the bands with a set like this. This track has a lot more guitar heavy compared to the previous track which favoured the keyboard, but that’s not a bad thing because the guitar playing in this track is superb.

‘What We Want’ Instantly excited for this track because we get a wee bit of the harmonica, it adds a touch of tradition to the song and goes along brilliantly with the guitars, the musicians feed off each other so well to put together such a strong track. I liked the chorus for this track, and again because I can’t say this enough, Keegan does a great job on vocals, and doesn’t skimp on the keyboard either. That being said the entire group pull together so well and there's certainly no deadweight among these guys.

‘Deserves It All’ Each of these tracks like to build on the energy and passion of the previous one and Deserve it all is no exception, this song has a lot of fun as well. I think this may have been my favourite on the track and I just like the hook and the beat, it just flows really well and gives each member of the band a chance to show off their stuff. In addition watching the live recordings is probably best for this because you get to see the energy and drive the lads have when performing which is an important part of their style.

‘Who Can Say’ this is their self described progressive piece, inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues and you can really feel it in this track, but above that you still get that clear impression that Always Monday seem to give off, and it's an incredible song, with a beautiful intro, carried in by the keyboard and propelled forward by the rest of the band, this one is the kind of song you lie back and listen to and just absorb, i almost want to say it's not right for a live audience because of that but they really seemed to like it down at Fanny by Gaslight.

‘Injustice’ is the final track on the set and it doesn’t let you down, in fact the audience were disappointed that this was there last song because it meant the night was over….always an encore though eh? But while they might have been sad that the night was over they sure did love this track. This song took all the energy of the previous songs and used it well, it had a lot of rhythm and a fantastic beat to it that it my opinion is hard to beat...sorry dumb joke. But honestly though this was a fitting song to go out on and it maintained the consistent Always Monday style without seeming repetitive or overplayed.

So that’s what I thought of their Battle of the Band’s set list and if you want to check it out then follow this link to their Youtube and if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on with the band then like them on Facebook here and follow then on Twitter here