Booking Fee Free Ticket Hosting / Event Addition / Event Poster Promotion – We Do All Three

Booking Fee Free Ticket Hosting, Event Addition, and Event Poster Promotion. It’s the trifecta of great shit we do online for events (There is a couple more event related stuff we specialise in, such as helping you build up your own DIY nights, but we will get a new article on those later), and we feel it is still woefully underutilised.

It really shouldn’t be.

The benefits of using each and every one for registered acts is simple, and more than worth the lifetime registration all on their own. Let’s cover it in three succinct bullet points… ‘cos we all know I frickin’ LOVE bullet points.

  • Booking Fee Free Ticket Hosting

This is a no brainer really, for bands and venues. We host your tickets online and in the shop, and we don’t charge your fans a booking fee. This means savings for your fans and hopefully more folk at events for you when you advertise it as such. Not only that, but we advertise your gigs through our social networks too. On top of that there are other choices you can use. What about drop-shipping your tickets via us? That way we don’t even need to have tickets with us, we literally send you the cash we have for you, and all the details for folk wanting the tickets within a week of the gig, and you then post them out or hold them on the door – it’s your call. Want to go ticketless? We can do that too, we don’t charge postage then either, we just add 50p to the tickets to cover the stripe and website fees for the transaction, and we then send you all the names and the cash 48hours before the event and you can get the names down on the door. Let’s make getting folk to events a bit easier, hopefully it helps us all!


  • Event Addition

This is simple, yet effective. We essentially just add your event page to our own page’s listings too. That way you get added to one big listing where folk have registered for gig info already, and you also get advertised on our main page when the gig is getting closer due to the event section at the top of the page. We will also share a selection of events coming up across our social networks. It’s better to have than not have, is it not?


  • Event Poster Promotion

Another no brainer. You email us, or drop your new gig poster on our registered band group page, and we then add it to the page and the website gig poster listings. Our website gig poster listings are then shared like mad across social networks by our volunteering staff, and is also advertised with boosted posts every month. Meaning more people see your poster every single week in the lead up to your event.

So, there you go, three simple things that you can do to try and help you with your events, and it won’t cost you an extra penny. Get on it, we are here for you to use these services, so please do use them. The more of you that do, the better it will be.