GSCC – Glasgow Sci-Fi, Cosplay, and Comic-Con - April 8th- 9th


On Saturday we arose early, and yet were still late turning up at the shop. It’s a Saturday though, so being late for a shift seems to generally be part and parcel of what we do. This weekend we were heading out to cover the Glasgow Sci-Fi, Cosplay, and Comic-Con at the Barrowlands, and I have to say that the quality of the cosplay was pretty impressive, and that’s coming from a cosplay virgin.

Some of these get ups were straight out of the movies themselves, and not the hastily thrown together Halloween costumes that I had expected to see scattered about the ballroom. We were greeted on the stairs by a Star lord, with light-up eyes and guns held aloft. Further up near the bar we had to burst our way through what looked like some kind of giant Pokémon adventure, and later, when we made our way from the bar (what? If there is a bar, expect to find us there at some point) we were met with some jaw droppingly perfect X-men characters and Suicide Squadders… Daddy’s Little Monster indeed!

Hell, and those were just some of the stall holders.

The stalls themselves were filled with a mix of everything my younger self always wanted, but couldn’t afford, and everything I wanted now but still couldn’t afford. That’s not due to the prices being too high mind you, it’s just because I’m skint and had already been to the bar earlier. Decisions had been made, and beer won over comics. I work in the music industry normally, so beer usually wins over everything in the top trumps of my life. If I had been teetotal though then there was a vast assortment of both new and vintage comics, artwork, toys, and crafts that I could have happily purchased. It was all killer and no filler, ever single stall was an explosion of colours and characters. It was a photographer’s wet dream.

We took our pictures, we had some chat with a few of the stallholders (we will be advertising the business cards we managed to collect on the day all across the week on the main page) and we took a bunch of photos. I think the last time I seen everyone this happy was at a beer festival I recently covered, sometimes Cosplay is all you need to start off your week and put a smile on your face, and if you ever want to see how well people can emulate their onscreen (or on-page) heroes, then comic-cons are the place to be. The time that went into creating some of these set-up's was nothing short of extra ordinary. Hell, there was a guy who done his own metalwork and leatherwork! Now that is commitment!

After a couple of hours of wandering around, taking in everything the Glasgow Sci-Fi, Cosplay, and Comic-Con had to offer, we went back out into the boring real-life world again. Tomorrow we will be sending some new bodies along to take in all the sights and offer a different perspective on the weekend.


Comic Con “Do what you love. Love what you do – even when you’re hungover!” – Ghandi (Probably)

As usual, it’d been a long weekend of work mixed with debauchery for the NHC team. Whilst I was looking forward to having my Sunday to myself as originally planned – I jumped at the chance to head along to the Barras and cover day 2 of the convention when I found out about it on the Saturday night. Early rises and hangovers don’t mix but I dragged myself out of bed early on Sunday to find out that my partner in crime could no longer make it along.  After sending out about a dozen messages to friends and the wider NHC network – good, ol’ Sebastian, a.k.a The Jolly Bearded Photographer signed up. Yet another casualty of a long working week and a late Saturday night we were quite the sorry state but there was still a rising, spark of underlying excitement as our inner geeks pushes to the forefront.

Upon arrival, it was actually what we wanted it to be. As we tried to take it all in as an 8 freakin’ foot Chewbacca casually strutted by leaving us like two 5 year olds who had just seen the real Santa. We took one lap round to check out the stalls, artwork and take some test shots. I had to get Jolly to guide me around my shiny new toy as it quickly became evident I had no clue what any of the buttons done and while I like to think I have an eye for photography – the technical side is lost on me. After spending a good amount of time at the Custom Mini figures stall (Jolly’s kindred spirits from back in Belfast) we clocked onto Spencer Wilding (DARTH FREAKING VADER!).

Unfortunately, the hangover was strong with this one and I felt it wasn’t yet time to approach. As we made our way back round I bumped into one of my gaming hero’s – Commander Shephard Scotland. After a quick chat and a quick selfie we bumped into Rebel Legion UK. Although we had to split up some fights between the Jedi, Rebels and Stormtroopers – we managed to catch a quick chat on what they were all about. These guys focus on doing tonnes of work for charity and have millions of fun doing it. Jolly spend some time shooting storm troopers and playing about with lightsabres before we moved on due to it getting busy.

We now came across a group of Cosplayers lead by Supergirl who definitely meant business. After I had to be directed on how to correctly position subjects for a photo (although I done not bad if I do say so myself) I knew it was time for a break and regroup. So, time to hit the bar, have a wee catch up with our good friend Lauren (and grab a quick pint) then do a quick lens change and with a short tutorial and it was time to do one final run round for another burst of brightly coloured photography with my Jolly Bearded friend. Our chat doesn’t really do the day justice to be honest, only the photo’s we took could do that – so check them out below, and we will most certainly see you at the next comic-con. There is no way my inner geek will let me miss it after this weekend’s highly enjoyable, eye opening, hangover tonic!

Saturday was covered by Jamie and Spence, and Sunday was covered by Chris and Jolly.

All business cards collected on the day will be up on the page very soon, and there will be a few more pictures going up too!

Jolly Bearded Photography can be found on this link;