Soldier On - Get What Ya Need - Thomas Neil

Before I get started I’ll say a little about the band. Soldier On are a rock group from Ayrshire made up of Johnny Yen (Frontman), Liam Lambert (Bass), Stephen Hunter (Guitar and Vocals) and Ben Prescott (Guitar and Vocals) and they’ve recently released a new single called

Get What Ya Need

This will be the first time I review a music video exclusively so I thought I’d change it up a little and review the music and the video separately. Hopefully that’ll go down well and it can become the standard for how I review music videos.

Music: Oh god this song gets stuck in your head, It didn’t help I probably listened to it so much my speakers are dizzy. But I really liked this track. It was catchy, honest and well worth a few listens. The track starts off with a little bit of acoustic guitar which flows brilliantly into the vocals. I’m one for remembering random lyrics and “So I'm picking you up, but you're bringing me down i think I’ve got what I need, they say it comes back around” is a great one and I’m sure I’ll be singing it...and butchering it for weeks. The lead singer for the track is incredibly talented, his voice blends perfectly with the acoustic track. I just really liked this track, it wasn’t one thing, but a combination of everything working well together, it was just a strong and well produced track that I’m certain will get a lot of attention.

Video: This video was so professionally put together. Well light and well produced and really entertaining. Burning the record with their band’s name on it at the start sends a strong message. I also liked the intro in the shop, things still going on about them which makes it seem like no matter what life goes on...or it's all in their imagination. I also like how the singer is talking straight at the camera, it makes it more personal and at least in my opinion helps to draw you in. I’m not sure why they stood on an egg roll but I’m sure there was a good reason. I also liked the guitarist just jamming in the corner, uninterrupted by the goings on around him. At certain points a band member is alone against a black backdrop which is a really clever way of focusing in on them with maintaining the flow of the video. It also acts as a counterpoint to the ‘walking alone’ bit where the main character of the video is going to light a bonfire. Pointing the guitar like a gun, nice touch and connects with the soldier part of their name. I keep coming back to why they stood on the egg roll...lads I need an answer. I liked how the character’s movements as he spilled petrol over the fire lined up with the beat of the music, it helped with the overall flow of the the track. If you want to have a look at the video then follow this link to the band’s youtube make sure to like and subscribe and don’t forget to buy the track by following the link below.

Get what ya Need’ is a brilliant song. So allow me to be blunt, What Ya need is this track. Links below.

So that’s what I thought of the track and If you want to get the single then follow this link and if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on with the band then like them on facebook by following this link or follow them on Twitter by following this link