Worse Than Moe Album Review - The Ideal Of Youth

The new album from Worse Than Moe has finally been released, and it's about bloody time too, we have been waiting on this cracker to erupt from our speakers for what seems like an age now and at last we got a box dropped off at the shop, with one for our own listening pleasure of course. After a few plays on the system now, and having heard Jamie himself talk about how good the video release of I Don't Want To Be A Soldier was, I can safely say for myself... Aye.

Aye it is a damn good album, and at 14 tracks long you certainly get more than your money's worth!

After a few plays, songs like Cabin Fever (classic rock at it's finest, this has echoes of the best of the seventies for me, drink it in deep with a can of lager and a god damn cigar as you lounge about in your garden) and John (A fast, surprisingly upbeat slice of instrumental goodness) really do worm their way into your memory jukebox, and once they are embedded, there is no escaping them. You'll be humming or whistling them for months to come, much to the annoyance of your workmates who no doubt hate both singing and/or whistling.

Unexpectedly though, the album almost starts out with a country slant before flipping back into more rockier notes with the intro song 737, and whereas stand alone tracks such as I Don't Want To Be A Soldier are more of the thinking mans rock, other ones such as Could Be You, and Butthead (another fantastic instrumental number) suck you right back into the live music scene feel again as straight up, shake your head and rattle yer change rock and roll. I like this album, I like this album a lot.

So if you love all of the above, and also want a wee bit of variety in your music these days, then you can't do much better than buying The Ideal Of Youth and adding it to your collection. For Fans Of? Well, for fans of fucking everything really, I honestly don't care what genre you prefer, there really should be something for everyone on here.