Josephine Sillars - 'Problems With Power' Official Music Video - Review

We stopped halfway through the shop refurb today for lunch... and possibly some cider. We had some real-life stuff to catch up on too that didn't include getting covered in paint, fighting off spiders, and climbing ladders. We had reviews to do, interviews to catch up on, stuff that wouldn't stop at NHC MUSIC just because we were having some time off to give the place a makeover.

My job was to check out the new video release from Josephine Sillars on Traffic Cone Records. I'm glad I did, as it really is pretty damn great. I don’t think softly spoken, and well worded anger has ever been this catchy to be honest, but I would be lying to both the reader and myself if I didn't admit to this song filling my head for the rest of the day, and that's only after a few plays. It's an absolute barnstormer of a track, and the video is perfect foil for it too, as there is no dazzling sleight of hand here to make the track sound better. The track doesn't need to sound any better. As an accompanying piece of art, the video sits perfectly. If everyone involved in the project isn't as proud as shit at what they have achieved, then I don't know what it takes to make them happy, as this ticks all the boxes.

Josephine Sillars seems to have a knack for writing songs that get your brain thinking as much as your toes tapping. She is a wordsmith of the highest order, and Traffic Cone Records have found themselves a fantastic addition to their label. Josephine is a powerfully addictive chanter, and if you loved this track then do not miss her live sets. If you have some free evenings coming up, (specifically March the 23rd in Edinburgh) then get yourself along to the Scottish Storytelling Centre and absorb some Ripped From The Wire Spine into your life.