NHC Chats to The Virginmarys

NHC: Hi, it’s great to chat to you guys again! We last met on your “People Help the People” tour and we’d like to find out a bit more about that.

How did the whole idea come about and can you refresh our memory regarding the whole concept of it?

I guess it came in the same way as a song comes through.

I know first-hand what it is to struggle with money and everything else that comes with it, I want to help in any way I can.

I had the idea, and thought if I do it in Macclesfield first it would be a great way to see if it works and it did.

I just put it out there that I would do a solo acoustic show for the fans of the band but rather than buy a ticket, they bring a minimum of £5 worth of food for the local food bank.

That way, they're paying for the show and food is going to people who need it.

I wanted to do it this way rather than cash donations as it's more involved, people have to think about it and you can also see the food that's gathered on the night, and everyone can feel empowered about what can be achieved when we help each other out.

So, we organised an 8 day tour ending in Dublin all organised by ourselves and the fans who aren't promoters but just stepping up an making it work.

NHC: It must have been difficult both mentally and physically, what got you guys through it?

Yes and no, it was very draining driving round the country and playing night after night in places that weren't always equipped for gigs.......but the love in the room and the sense of doing something worthwhile gave us all the energy we needed.

We must have raised over 2 tonnes of food and clothes.

NHC: As heart-warming and inspiring as it is to see such so many people come together to help others, we believe that they shouldn’t have to happen. What needs to change to stop food banks being such a necessity?

I think first off, we need to realise that we are all equal.

The majority of us tend to be products of our environment, you see a lot of addiction in people who believe there is no other way.

There is less opportunity and drive in communities that are run down.

That sense of hopelessness.

I don't believe that anyone deserves any more or less opportunity, love or support than anyone else.

The state and media doesn't help things, and we're lead to believe that things can only work one way.

I know a lot of people will disagree with all this but.... what can I say? our current situation isn't working, no one can disagree with that unless you're one of the super-rich.

People don't understand their own power, anything is possible if we support each other and work together.

NHC: Do you have anything to say to everyone who turned up and supported the tour?

Yes, they are my brothers and sisters, they have my love.

You are the answer.

NHC: Speaking of tours, you have another tour coming up in March. For any potential new fans out there, why should they come along to one of your shows? What kind of music and experience would they be in for?

Because we're shit hot ;)

Tried and tested.

We've been doing it for a long time and we’re as real as it gets.

Great musicians playing great songs and giving it everything.

The show is full of everything we have to give.

NHC: We noticed that you guys have been hanging out in the studio a lot lately. When can we be expecting some new music?

We're going to be releasing new music throughout the year.

We're self producing this time round, and everything will be and sound how we believe it should do. Fans should expect loads of songs coming this year!

NHC: How has your writing and sound evolved since the conception of the band?

All the best stuff doesn't come from me, the more I can open myself up and channel is the better and purer the music, sounds a bit mystical, but I'm sure a lot of artists understand it.

Also, constantly schooling myself on legendary music of the past always helps.

NHC: The Virginmarys have been a band since 2009 and in others project beforehand. In that time, you’ve managed to tick quite a few boxes that others would have on their “bucket lists”.

What has been the most surreal experience? Playing the main stage at Reading and Leeds last year was incredible.

Having a lot of the bands you listened as a kid reach out loving your material is also amazing!

NHC: To get where you are you must have had to overcome a lot. What would you suggest to others trying to follow their dreams while trying to deal with life’s challenges?

Believe and adapt, but never lose sight of who you are and what your core message is.

Try different stuff and see what works, don't get disheartened. If you're good enough, you believe and work hard enough you'll get to some great places.

NHC: What would have been a dream for you guys previously that now seems like it could be achievable in the near future?

Being the producer of an award-winning album.

I've been loving the producing, yet it always seemed unattainable to me. It's really given music another angle and a breath of fresh air.

NHC: Well, thanks very much for your time and we can’t wait to see you guys again. Best of luck with the tour!

Thank you!! I love what the NHC stands for.

You are part of what keeps these dreams alive.

Peace, Love, Truth, Music