NHC MUSIC Chats To Steve Grozier About Life, Music, And The State Of Americana In Scotland!

Hello again Steve, great to get you on the website for another chat about how things have been going with you recently. Sorry it’s been so long since we had a chat, things have been a bit mental on this end, but I guess it’s better late than never!

So, without further ado, what the hell have you been doing with yourself as of late?

Hey. Thanks for inviting me back into the surreal world of NHC. Well. Where to begin…after I put out the record in September the drummer left to focus on other projects. So, I went out and found a kickass black metal drummer to join our country band. He’s fucking great. We’ve been spending time in the rehearsal studio and I’ve written the songs for the next EP.

So how has the gigging been going then? You been out a lot as solo-Steve or are you doing more band-Steve stuff? Do you have a preference?

Well. We played King Tut’s as a band just before Christmas. That was our first show with Pete on the drums and I think it was pretty well received. The TSA and Rave Child wrote nice things about the show and our music in general. So that’s cool. And, we played a show at the Hug and Pint a few weeks back with this great Canadian band called The Wooden Sky. So, I feel we’re getting tighter as a band and it’s nice to be in a room and make music with your friends. I mean, being a singer-songwriter can be a lonely job. You work and travel on your own for the most part, so it’s refreshing to have that collaborative aspect.

We have you playing at our big weekender date at the arse end of March, do you have a full set of songs ready with the full band, or do you mix it up a bit with any solo stuff or covers?

That kind of depends on how long a set you want us to play. I mean, I could play a two hour solo set, but then we’d all be really bored and sad. We’re a pretty new band so we don’t have a massive catalogue of songs to play. I guess we’ll throw in a couple of covers or I’ll do a couple of solo songs if we run out of material.

You seem to have been hard at work recently, you got any new recordings in the pipeline?

I’m always working hard man. When you’re a DIY artist you have to work incredibly hard. I’m basically doing the work of a record label, manger, booker, and promoter. It’s fucking exhausting. We’ve begun the process of recording the follow up to my debut solo EP Take My Leave. The studio is booked and we’re looking at a summer release.

Who else should our readers be looking out for then? Any favourite independent artists that the scene probably couldn’t do without? Unsung heroes at local level so to speak? Why this choice?

To be honest, I’m not that clued up on the local scene. When you’re so focused, and all your energy is on your own projects then everything else kind of takes a backseat.  Roscoe and Dunny, who play in my band, work with Anton and The Colts, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention them.  I have had the pleasure of playing on the same bill as a bunch of NHC registered artists such as: Bobby Deans, Fallen Arches, James Michael Rogers, Lisa Kowalski, and Josephine Sillars.

In terms of Scottish Americana bands, I’m a big fan of James Edwyn and Roseanne Reid.

We are not very up on the whole ins and outs of the local Americana scene in Glasgow, we generally find ourselves working with rock and metal bands these days! Can you give us any insight into it yourself? We have often talked about how fractured some of the punk scenes are at local level, is the Americana scene faring better, or does it also have its cliques and troubles?

That’s a really interesting question man and a pretty fundamental one, I think. I’ve spoken on this before and I know not everyone agrees with my opinion. And that’s fine. The point is to have the conversation.

My thoughts are this. There’s clearly an appetite for Americana music in Scotland. There’s a festival dedicated to it and Celtic Connections is essentially an Americana festival. But, there’s this bias in the print and broadcast media that favours Americana or Country music that is written and performed by Americans. This is reflected in the booking of shows and festivals and ultimately record sales.  The only way UK artists are ever going be as successful as Jason Isbell or Sturgill Simpson etc. are if they’re given the same support. 

So thanks again for dropping in man, we can’t wait to actually see you playing live again! So, to end us off then, any final words for us to dwell on? Anything else you want to chat about regarding up and coming stuff in Steve Grozier world?

I’m really looking forward to playing that show, so thanks for inviting us! Preceding that I’m playing a couple of solo shows; the Country to Country festival at the Armadillo on March 10th and the Admiral bar on the 14th with a bona fide legend, Wizz Jones.  Following that, the EP will come out and a number of festival appearances.

Cheers again Steve! Check out his links below folks, he's not one of our favourite musicians for nowt, it's because he is damn good at what he does and the music scene would be a shittier place without him. Gon on, follow the links and fill yer boots!

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