Sponsor NHC MUSIC And Help Us Help The Local Music And Arts Scene In 2017

We have been asked by a few folk about this years 2017 sponsors, (thanks to those who have automatically re-registered as sponsors this year before we even put out the shout, it is hugely appreciated!) so here it is, our yearly sponsor article;

Since reaching our band cap of 400 registered acts this past month, it has been all systems go at NHC MUSIC. We are busy trying to get more companies on board with new offers for the bands and musicians we work with, we have just purchased a large CD/DVD Duplicator for them to use for free in the shop (if they are skint we will even throw in some discs!), we are splitting costs on some bands new releases to help them share the fees attributed, we have a big refit this month so we can display their music and merchandise even better than before, and we are currently pricing up a colour CD laser printer for them to use for free too, meaning an all in one stop for bands duplication needs. That's all on top of looking at more 'NHC Backline' items all through the year for registered bands to also use for free. We already added a new wireless guitar system to that kitty, and we have more coming.

All these items are costly, but this year we will be getting them. NHC MUSIC wants to help the music and arts as much as possible, and the above plans and more will really help out. That means musicians and artists can spend more time creating, as the world would be a much bleaker place for us all without them in it. More music and art, and a less stressful life for those creating it, can only be good for us all.

NHC MUSIC, as a not for profit, always needs help with its aims though, and when we aren't looking for stock donations (which is all the time, so if you are having an after Christmas clear out of anything, please think of us!) then we are looking for sponsors to help us continue our good works at the start of each fresh year.

We already have eight full time sponsors in place; 4 business sponsors, 2 band sponsors, and 2 personal sponsors. We generally do a shout out for sponsors at the start of every year for our year ahead plans, and 2017 is one of our biggest ‘idea years’ yet, so below is the two tiers of sponsorship we offer. The personal sponsor deal can be a person, a band, or even a pet! (We have the fantastic pooch Missy already on board throughout 2017 and 2018!). Both personal and business sponsors will get their name on our website sponsorship page, (and a small banner image of their choice, we can even link it to a band page/personal page of their choice as well). Business sponsors will get a larger link-through banner advert on the page instead of the small image, that they can update regularly with new image offers or deals, and we will also get them monthly page shout outs, for either their business, or for specific deals they have going on, whenever they have a deal for us to shout about. As an added extra, everyone will also receive a sticker and a pin badge exclusive to sponsors, with the statement 'I Sponsor Music and Arts - Helping NHC Feed The Music - Not The Corporations'.

We believe that the linked-up adverts on the website are more than worth the sponsorship on their own, when you add business shout outs on the page, and the fact that you really are helping us help others, then it's a great deal, especially for businesses and organisations already working within the music and arts scene, or ones already working with bands and musicians.

Personal sponsorship, for a full year, is only £30, and in 2017, business sponsorship is only £100. That is for the full year, and every single penny goes right back into the local music and arts scene again. Help us pay for more things to make the band lives in Scotland easier.

It's what we are here for after all, and you could be part of that.

Tier one sponsorship link (personal)


Tier two sponsorship link (business/organisation)