NHC MUSIC Chats To Soul Remover - Jenny Tingle

Time for another interview you say? Damn right it is! Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Soul Remover!

Hi Soul Remover, your EP is due for release very soon. Tell us all about it!

(The Wheel) It’s a collection of four songs, much like our first EP it shows four different sides to us. This wasn’t on purpose like the first EP mind you, it’s just the way the tracks were chosen. Something punky, something heavy, something funky and something rockin’. If it were any other way we’d all start fighting over what songs to use. This way, everyone in the band is happy to a degree.

(Craig) Yeah, we all have similar influences and different influences to each other as musicians and this translates over into our songwriting. So there’s a wide gamut of styles and subjects that we draw on for our songs which allows a bit of variety in our set and on our releases. I would say that this EP is a natural progression of this.

Where and how did you record?

(The Wheel) We recorded everything at Soul Remover HQ. It’s our own little torture chamber where we get shit done. A practice studio, recording studio, group therapy room, bar and toilet all in one compact unit. We used an array of different microphones using the 'fuck it, that’ll dae' approach. Fling it all at a wall until something sticks kinda’ deal y’know? Everything we do we do ourselves with no outside influence. Get the tracks down, then take it to pro tools. If we need to pay someone else to do that, we should just stop doing it. Cheapskates the lot of us

(Craig) Yeah, can’t argue with any of that.

What were the highest and lowest points of making the EP?

(The wheel) The high and low points vary from member to member. Some of us love recording our parts, some others beat themselves up trying to perfect things. The important part is that we let each other feel it out for ourselves, and Jimmy (our bassist and producer) has the patience to let us do that.

There have been a few obstacles along the way, and a few parts needing re-recorded, nothing major. Other personal obstacles have got in our path too, wether it be losing family members, personal health issues, pets getting sick. Y’know, all the real life shit that can set you back quite a bit. But in the end the highest point for all of us is when it comes together and you hear the final product.

(Craig) A personal high point for me is hearing our current drummer Freddie stamping his own personality on this recording. He’s really evolved his own style over the time from when he first auditioned for the band and he’s released his inner monster behind the kit. It’s actually a quite beneficial that he’s developed his own personality cos nobody else in the band has one...

How did you decide which songs went on the EP?

(The Wheel) Pretty easy. We all picked one, most of which matched up, we all agreed. Job done. A few funny looks, a few funny “meh” noises. Then the votes come in and that’s that.

(Craig) It was a fairly easy and unanimous process. We all had a good idea of what we wanted the EP to sound like and these songs were the ones that fit the bill. Painless.

Is there a concept behind the songs, or are they each very different?

(The Wheel) There is no running story with the songs when you combine them no. Sometimes they start out about a specific thing, then when it comes to writing verse 2 it might change. 'Mr Mayhem' is about a friend of mine who is quite happy to put his body through hell, drink himself to death and enjoys doing it. 'It Does Matter' is a about procrastination, something we can all relate to. The whole “I’ll do it tomorrow” thing, something we all struggle with at times I think. The title is taken from a wrestler called The Ultimate Warrior, who later in life done motivational videos before he passed away. The series of videos were called “It Does Matter” and it hit home really hard with me.

(Craig) ‘Salvation’ is essentially about someone who compromises who they naturally are because their religion told them to, to the point where they actually impose their beliefs onto other people. It’s not an attack on faith but an observation on people who lose their true selves because somebody else fucking told them to. That mindset gets on our collective tits and we’re rather open about our views on it. ‘Shotgun’ was more of a ‘take responsibility for your own actions’ thing. Essentially it’s the story of a guy who sleeps about behind his lady’s back, gets caught and knows that he’s gonna fucking pay for it and accepts that he deserves what’s coming. None of this ‘it wasn’t me’ shite. I fucking despise that.

Did your songs change or evolve more during gigging, or during the recording process?

(The Wheel) Nope.

(Craig) Some lyric changes here and there but otherwise no.

Who and what are Soul Remover?

(Craig) 5 guys in a band who play the songs that they write themselves. No more, no less and no mystery.

What does a Soul Remover recording day involve?

(The Wheel) Depends who’s turn it is. I just go in, do my bit, listen back for any mistakes, then leave. Some of the other guys just go in, make mistakes and leave.

(Craig) That about covers it.

Who are your musical influences?

(Craig) Well, I’m partial to a bit of dubstep...Too many and varied to go into. There’s about 30 years worth of rock music alone that we could rhyme off but there’s really no benefit. Chances are most rock fans will enjoy what we do.

How do you gear up and wind down from gigs?

(The Wheel) One gear. Go. If I knew how to wind down I wouldn’t be as much of a prick

(Craig) There’s no band huddle beforehand, we go onstage and do what we came to do and we fucking enjoy it. Afterwards...pffft. Could be partying the rest of the night, could be going back home cos we’ve got work the next morning. We do like to spend as much time either side with the audience as we can though. We do appreciate the people who support us

Why is your singer called The Wheel?

(The Wheel) Classified. The Wheel Of Torment springs to mind though.

(Craig) Cos he’s a prick. He told you that already.

Anything else you’d like to say to NHC music?

Soul Remover are having their EP launch at Nice n Sleazy on 3rd February. Magic Trik and Audiodriver are also on the bill. Come along, support your scene and hang onto your eardrums!

(Craig) Yeah, ‘mon oot and huv yer Soul Removed. Or sumfin...

Thank you so much Jenny!

Yvonne Russell


The Hidden Lane (Unit 4)


G3 8ND