NHC MUSIC Catches Up With Daryl Sperry

Hi there again Daryl! Great to get you Back on the website for a wee catch up, it’s been a while since we checked in with you and your busy music life! So, tell us then, how has life been treating you, are you still as busy as you’ve always been?

definitely, although I've been putting in an enormous amount of effort to ideas outside of gigging. I exploded myself last year and all the paint was splattering on every group of people I could find in music, I was taking in as much information as possible, and I was adamant to find what I was looking for and thankfully I’ve been able to find people I can trust. Now I'm certain of what I want to do, and by the way, the people I have met I have a very serious respect for. I take all their opinions with high consideration. I need to be busy every single day to be honest, if I want to push my ideas I have in private as far as I can publicly, then I need to be patient and keep being as consistent as possible. I attend others’ gigs as often as I can, and try to put my honest thoughts and feelings into every one I meet at the events, as well as every post I share, and every band I hear. There is raw energy from people that can be enthusiastic without having to fake the positivity. I Just try to be as sincere as possible.

You have recently started a bit of a rebrand of your image and logo online, is this quite an important step for you in the creative journey, or where you just a bit bored with the way the old stuff was all set up online?

My biggest problem at the start was finding where I would fit in, I often felt in two minds about how I wanted to be perceived, but continued to work on improving myself and working with people in music. It wasn’t long before I found my own image. I see how I want to be looked at from an outside point of view, and have a clear idea how I feel it's just going to work, for both myself and people that click on to what I do. I love the idea of creating a persona because, to be honest, it excites me. I love being able to have my own identity, it can be scary for some people because they feel their image with their music might not be well received but that's why it works. The people that like you will love you for being so direct with what it is you do. and I like to do things differently and consistently, and think people feel intrigued with something spontaneous!

You’ve recently been talking a bit about some video plans you may have in the works, talk us through that a bit then, how is it all working out so far, are you any further forward from the initial planning stages?

I can't speak to much about it but it is definitely happening! I was filling out a lot of paperwork and part of the process was stating clearly what I wanted to do for the videos and how it was going to reach people. The videos will be right out there and very direct. I want to be seen as someone who has total balls out confidence in the message that I’m trying to deliver to people. It will be fun and have a tongue in cheek humour as that's what I wanted to show. The energy involved will be very high. I want to make this special

What about new releases then, can we expect any more recording to come out in 2017, or are you planning a larger release a little bit further down the line?

A little further down the line I’ve got a lot of material to show people, so I just have to be patient and get on with the releases that are currently making their way to you. I love being able to have a large collection of ideas behind me, and the super creative people I am contact with are going to make it again very special.

You’ve been hard at work with the band too recently, how much different is it going through new tracks with a band, rather than just writing and performing them solo, is it much harder, or just something you kind of get on with?                     

It always depends who you are working with! You will go through a trial and error period where you find the people who will click with you, it's really fun to be able to show new members what you want to perform with them. Everyone has to understand their roles and understand what they are required to do. I appreciate session members that come in and can do a job, and I will motivate them as much as I can, there is a grind at the beginning but after that the experience is surreal. It's an amazing feeling playing with people behind you. I've learned so much with playing with other artists.

Tell us a little about how your creative process goes when you are writing your songs then, is it music first then lyrics, or is it the other way about? Or are you one of these guys who just gets little music sparks in your head from time to time that you just need to write down, and turn into a song?

It’s music first, about 95 percent of the time. Occasionally though, words come into my head when I’m out and I note it down as quickly as possible. The creative process is weird man, it feels so magical, the buzz I get out of making something that feels huge is such a big deal! Some of the biggest songs seem to come from nowhere! I was having a drink up my pals one night and completely directed them to fly upstairs and play a song I had in my head… twenty minutes later I made 'I Don't Want To Be Everybody'. In situations like that I feel I must go and make the music, it’s so strange.

So, the floor is now yours man, anything else you want to tell our readers to finish off the chat? Thanks again for coming onto the website too, it’s always great to catch up!

Cheers man, To the wonderful people reading, if there's anything you really want to achieve, set your sights as far as they can go.