NHC MUSIC Chats To Evil Blizzard - Jenny Tingle

Need an interview for the January Blues Jenny? How about Evil Blizzard, said NHC’s Jamie McDermid. He had me at 4 Bassists and a singing drummer.

The Double Doom band from Preston are a horrifying unnatural force. The thundering 5-piece rhythm section will either give audiences nightmares or get them moshing til their heads fall off.

Evil Blizzard how are you all?

We all ok. Ish. Saturday morning inevitably involves sore heads around Blizzard HQ.

But we’re good. It’s been a quiet year for us after a hectic 2015 when we recorded and toured the last album so we decided to have a lazy 2016 and now we’re raring to go again.

Who are Evil Blizzard?

Anyone you want us to be!

We’re a group of reprobates who have known each other via pubs and prison cells for 25 years and decided it would be fun to turn our lives into a musical. There’s Side who drums and wails, there’s Prowler who wears leather and has four kidneys, there’s Kav who is a trained acrobat, there’s Stomper who used to be a professional racing jockey, there’s Filthydirty who created Ikea, Blizzpig who works as a dinner lady and then there’s Mopman who used to be a human.

You’re from Preston, the UK’s biggest bus route interchange. What’s that it like to live there? Does so many people constantly passing through affect the music scene?

Preston is ace.  I don’t think we could have come from any other town. Its small enough to ensure that everybody has slept with each other by the age of 25 and yet large enough to have a great scene, a very creative place. Close to Liverpool and Manchester but has always had its own identity.

Don’t forget the first stretch of motorway was built at Preston too – I think the theme here is people trying to escape the place as easily as possible.

But we love it. Kav doesn’t live here anymore, he’s had to move to Brum after getting some bad debts with people you don’t want to get bad debts with.

And we had the first ever KFC in Europe. Things like this matter.

4 bassists and a singing drummer. That’s awesome. How did this happen?

In various pubs, gradually over a couple of years. At first it was just Prowler but Filthydirty was at one of the early 2 piece gigs and harassed Side saying the bass dropped out when Prowler did his solos. So Filthy was recruited. Then Kav stood in for Prowler one gig and refused to leave. Stomper got up on stage for one song and he’s too big to say no to so he’s still here too.

The most bassists we’ve had on stage at one gig was 8. Is that a record?

In 5 words, cos there’s 5 of you, what is Evil Blizzard?

A noisy band who can’t count.

What songs/bands made you pick up an instrument for the first time and become musicians?

Most of us grew up together and we came from two musical camps; rockers and post punks. So we each have different answers to that. But in terms of bands that have influenced all of us: Sabbath, Killing Joke, Hawkwind, PiL, Motorhead, Stooges, Pistols, Slayer and The Wombles. Seriously – we found out quite recently that 4 of the band were at a Wombles gig in Preston when we were 9 before we knew each other so that MUST have influenced us. Masks? Alter egos? No coincidence.

What songs did you listen to most over the Christmas period?

Wombles, obvs. Repeatedly. All day, every day. From October onwards.

How did Evil Blizzard recommend people spend the Christmas/New Year period?

In a safe and secure padded environment. With lots of egg nog and the Die Hard box set.

New material coming soon? Where can we find your current releases and online material?

New material coming not soon. Side has just finished his solo album under the name ‘One Sided Horse’ and Filthydirty has recorded an album too – they’ll both be out in spring, but Blizzard only reconvened recently for writing and so it will be later in 2017 when we release anything.

Our stuff is available in the usual bargain bins but the stuff that is still available you can get from us www.evilbizzard.com or our label www.louderthanwar.com

Are there stories behind the masks and clothes you wear?

Each outfit is a character. I’d like to think there’s a horrible, sordid tale behind each one that would make a great ‘League of Gentlemen’ series.

Anything else you would like to say to NHC music?

Thanks for having us, but also some advice:

Never, ever give Mopman solid food after sunset. You ever seen Gremlins?


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EvilBlizzardband/

Website http://evilblizzard.com/