Free CD And DVD Duplication For Registered Bands - That'll Be The NHC

This week NHC MUSIC has taken ownership of a premium copytower 11 drive 24x dvd 40x cd tower.

It's not ours though, it's YOURS. It belongs to every single registered band and musician we work with, hell, even the registered artists can use it. This is just one of the many wee (and big!) things we have lined up for you to use this year. Things that will help you promote both yourself, and your work, and save you cash while doing it. That's not a surprise though, that's just what we do.

Our job is to make your job easier, after all.

Fancy burning off a clutch of demo cd's to send out to record labels? Want to burn off a lot of DVD's of your last live gig to give out at your next gig? Want to burn of a super sneaky live cd as a gift to your fans? Or what about burning off a CD of your art to give away to potential buyers? Hell, you can burn anything you need done for your project, anytime we are open.

Just drop in anytime with the CD's or DVD's, or we can even source these for you at the cheapest price we can if you don't have any, (or if you are unemployed we will try and throw in some ourselves to help you out, as your craft, your art, shouldn't be held back by a lack of cash, if cash be the only obstacle). We are open Tues-Sun from 11am - 6pm, and the service will be available from mid-February after our shop refurb is complete.


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