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Banshee – Starts with One (single) – Chrissy Mullen


New Year.

New Music.

What better way to kick off my first review of this year than with a new single from one of my favourite live acts from last year.

Starts with One is the latest offering from the Greenock quartet and is the natural successor to their Say My Name EP. Rather than a depart from the sound they have developed over the past few years, they’ve refined it, gave it a polish and it’s matured into this piece of rock/pop goodness.

Admittedly, this one took a good few listens to really grow on me but that’s exactly what it has done. As with the previous single, what really stands out is their ability to create a chorus that’s as powerful as it is catchy. Say My Name (single) was a massive track with big verses and a signature hook and it was quite difficult to look at the new single in its own right without comparing since such a high bar had been set. In the end, I’d say the new single is Say my Names older, more articulate cousin.

Banshee know what they wanted to say here and delivered that message with more subtlety without losing any of the oomph. They say ‘less is more’ and that certainly shows in the verses here as the band takes a minimalist approach compared to earlier their material with the meat of the tune being the choruses and breakdown where the familiar rawness starts to shine through. It’s a very well rounded piece of music with each member’s part carefully inserted and developed throughout.

Again, the chorus is what stands out here. It’s not quite as in your face as Say My Name but that’s where the magic lies. It’s introduced fairly early into the tune and it’s not until a few days later that you realise you’ve been humming or replaying it in your head on an almost hourly basis. Upon revisiting is when you can appreciate all the nuances in the track and fully appreciate the thought that’s went into the overall pacing of the track and development of each instrument throughout.

This is definitely a great introduction to whatever Banshee have in store for us this year and credit where it’s due to Andy Mills for another great video that perfectly matches the tune.

You can get Starts with One at the following links or stream it on Spotify:

ITunes: http://apple.co/2iPjfOa

Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2hXJyNH

Catch Banshee at Nice ‘n’ Sleazys on March 16th supporting Empire and check them out on social media.



Andy Mills Media - https://www.facebook.com/AndyMillsMedia/?pnref=lhc

The Girl with all the Gifts.

With Danny Boyle currently receiving critical acclaim for revisiting Renton and co in Trainspotting 2, most may have missed that his 2002 zombie outing 28 Days Later has been quietly usurped as best UK movie of the genre by 'The girl with all the gifts'.

Dystopian futures may be all the rage, but this one is a far cry from teen franchises such as 'The Hunger Games' or The Maze Runner', and definitely offers more bite for your buck.

Without going down the path of spoilers being offered it is safe to say that it is designed to be thought provoking on multiple levels.
And this may also be in direct correlation to the budget possibly falling short of covering hollywood special effects.
If the cash isn't there for CGI and 3D as a focal point then the story better be good enough to hold the attention.

And it is.

Unfortunately it very nearly drops the ball with the introduction of feral zombie kids whose wardrobe designer has a fetish for Thunderdome era Mad Max.
When it comes to nearly snatching a defeat from the jaws of victory it is up there, and the person who thought it was a good idea, and those who went along with it, should consider they are lucky that it didn't kill the film stone dead, but their careers with it.

Thankfully it is a minor bump in the highway though, and once you manage to push that ridiculousness to the side the story does come to satisfactory ending.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say this is what UK does best in many ways.

Maybe the realization that empty vacuous travelogue thrillers such as the latest xxx movie from Vin Diesel, or the last Bourne instalment, will click in and real stories can be told again.

Fingers crossed anyway.


BOOM! Pizza

After absolutely pigging out last week on the amazing new (new to me anyway!) find of Pizza Punks home delivery, one of our shop customers stated he knew a place that was just as good, or possibly even better than Pizza Punks. Going on his sage advice this other place not only had more choice and a tastier range of pizza, but it was better priced too. To be fair he had me at 'tastier', and he was right. Well, he was half right anyway...

This apparently amazing place he was talking about? It was called Boom Pizza, and it also delivered which was great, as even though it was only about a ten-minute walk from my flat, I had what was known as a Super Hangover. This meant walking there myself in the rain was off the table, and delivery of all the food was most certainly on the table.

The pizza was spectacular. Thin base, stacked toppings, and only £6 for a 12". As far as pizza goes, it was right up there with Pizza Punks as one of my new favourite delivery joints in the city. Menu choice was great too, even better than Pizza Punks in that respect. The only trouble was that when my sides turned up, they weren't exactly as I had hoped. The mozza chunks were tasty enough, but could certainly do with a dip. The Mexican Chips on the other hand were a total let down, as not only did the delivery driver spill the side portion of cheese topping all over the bag (with no offer of a fresh delivery of the side portion, or a refund) but he then also handed me a rather tiny looking bag of cold fries. Not what I was expecting, and it took the edge off what should have been a top hangover meal.

So, to recap - The pizza is 10% tasty, but watch your sides with a home delivery, as even with the cheese goo, the tiny portion of cold chips that it would have been poured over would leave a lot to be desired.