Psyche - Twisted Blues Review - Charlotte Louise

Raising the curtain on TWISTED BLUES is MAD BLUES FEVER. A lone guitar dancing with shimmering percussion behind the distinctive vocals of MacDonald. Fusing blues rock and Americana (personal favourite of mine) found myself wandered among the twang of guitar right through to following track JESUS FREAK. Berry’s bass work lays the subtle and dulcet foundations for another propulsive, rhythmic groover. McKinlay’s tribal sounding drum fills smarten the pace whist retaining the thick atmosphere of the album in stoater of a track, KERB CRAWLER. Being so drum heavy this is the track I found myself going back to the most. Following on, YOU WANNA COME BACK is sheer disco groove! Loved the female vocals on this track, kind of reminded me of Shakespears sister. The kind of music that makes even an awkward bastard like me wanted to dance…one I’d like to see live.

KILL THE KILLER is a skiffle/rock and roll treat. Bit like something you’d hear from Lynyrd Skynyrd before they went shit. MacDonald has the voice that carries this real, no frills rock off superbly. Jangly number GHOST OF MEADOWPARK DRIVE is a walking step, winner. It carries a definite evening vibe and Burgoyne fills the song with atmosphere with his keys playing. FLINT is a brilliant, upbeat song. Trippy vocals floating over some guitar riff and is followed by straight up rock and roll number, THE ZARD. Mimicking the drum beat on my thighs as the crowded bus I sat on moved slower than a week in…well, work I was fully aware the level of discomfort I was causing the guy beside me but this was just one of those tracks that I couldn’t physically stay still to. “I got a big, bad blues explosion” MacDonald sings as Burgoyne works some key sorcery. Most braw.

THE BLACK HEARTED BRIDE OF JESUS is a zesty surprise that leans heavier on the Latina side. “Let’s get mental” has long been a mindset from the Buckfast  (number 1 winner) drinking in the Necro days, naturally it’s my favourite lyric of the album. BLAME IT ON MARY JANE has some proper spacey guitar in parts and all in, is a cracking wee tune. DEATH GARGE drips with attitude and has a gritty, dirty kinda feel…being Glaswegian I always appreciate these under tone and slightly grim sounds. Walking pace riff combined with echoing guitar creates a real, moody atmosphere. Then we dive into TWISTED BLUES which is another sassy, hip shaker. YOU GREASY SLICKS is a real chill out track with a positive message “gotta keep moving”. Wrapping up the album is final track MADHOUSE. If Alice and the Mad Hatter took a few too many magic mushrooms at the tea party in Wonderland, this would be the track that played as they got absolutely melted. Vocals echo spookily over ominous instrumentation.  Little bit trippy, thought it was a quality finishing track to the album.

Getting myself to a gig at some point to check these guys out live. Brilliant album!

Jim MacDonald – Guitar and vocals

Alan Berry – Bass

Brian McKinlay – Drums and Percussion

Arnie Burgoyne - Keyboards