Touring Asia, favourite Pokemons, and a second album in the works – NHC Music talks to Altered Sky! - Jenny Tingle

Just back from touring Asia, Altered Sky have briefly returned Scotland before heading for The Philippines.

A success story from Glasgow’s thriving music scene, the pop-punk quartet from Dennistoun have been gradually taking the world by storm.

NHC were lucky enough to catch up with the pop-punk quartet just after their Asian tour!

Hi Altered Sky! How are you? What have you been up to since you got back from Japan?

Ross: It took about a fortnight to readjust but we've pretty much headed straight back into the studio to write some brand new tracks! The plan is to release a few singles next year so we're focused on that for the moment.

What were the highlights of your tour of Asia? Did you manage to get enough downtime between shows to explore and enjoy the places you visited?

Tara: Hmmm would have to be a gig we played in General Santos, the crowd was further back than I could physically see, they were singing along and were just absolutely psyched to be seeing us play! It was extremely gratifying to get that reaction across international water! Another highlight would be when we had a few days off and headed to a resort with a swimming pool, we spent hours swimming in the beautiful evening weather and having a great time. That’s a memory I’ll always cherish!

During your tour, you played in schools as well as large venues. How does it feel to be inspiring young people’s passion for music? What would you say to any young fans thinking about starting their own band?

Ross: There's no better feeling in the world than seeing young people being inspired by what we're doing - it's what it's all about! I would tell anyone just starting out to never give up. If music is what you're passionate about at a young age, chances are you will make something of it if you keep at it. Also practice practice practice!

As well as being much-loved in the UK, Altered Sky have a growing global fanbase. Will there be an Altered Sky world tour at some point?

Tara: A world tour would be mind-blowingly amazing! To just spend months upon months travelling to different countries and playing our music would be a dream come true. So I definitely hope that if we put in the work, we’ll one day get to do a world tour. Maybe when the new album drops.

If you could play a show with any bands, past or present, anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would it be with?

Amy: I would love to tour with Yellowcard! Not just because I feel we would be well suited to a show with them, but they’re one of my favourite bands. I’ve loved their music since I was around 15!🙂 As for where we would be playing, I would love to do a world tour! It’s definitely a dream to be able to play various countries, probably America, Germany, France, Japan, Thailand, Poland...I don’t know, I want to go everywhere!

Ryan: For me it would be Story of the Year with Yellowcard at the Hydro Glasgow cause that would be an insane show

Any new music in the works?

Ana: VERY YES! We are currently writing bits and pieces of our second album and it's already sounding insane. We are blasting out new songs every other day at the moment so it's getting pretty exciting!


What are the most fun and rewarding parts of touring?

Tara: For me, touring is just this massive dream come true. Going to all these different venues and meeting new people to show case our music to, even in just the UK, is phenomenal! Going across Asia, in the Philippines and Japan, was another step up altogether, totally mind blowing! The energy behind the shows would be the most fun. Although, in my opinion, the most rewarding part is coming away from it with more fans and another step towards success.

Is it difficult organising tour dates and transporting gear across continents?

Amy: Organising a tour in countries we’ve never been to was always going to be a challenge! But our management, Reaction, with the help of some amazing promoters, BCHC + Inter Idoru, made it seem effortless although it took 10 months to plan. We can’t thank them enough! Getting all of our gear onto the trains around Tokyo was definitely a challenge, but it was so worth it at the end of every day, knowing that we were still doing what we love, in a beautiful country. In the Philippines, we were blessed by having out own Tour Manager, Jedd Lefthander, who always made sure we were comfortable and had transport to get to shows, we are very grateful for everything he and his friends did for us. We can’t wait to see them all again!

What’s your favourite way to wind down after a show?

Amy: After a show I just love to chill out and chat as a band, talk about how the show went and also just hang out and be friends!

Just for fun- seems like Altered Sky really like Pokemon! If each band member was a pokemon character, which would they be?

Ana: Magikarp!

Tara: Raichu! Definitely the best Pokemon.

Amy: That’s easy..Charizard is always the answer to that question!

Ryan: Eevee

Ross: Pikachu

Apart from music, is there anything else close to your hearts? What do you all like to do when you’re not gigging or practicing?

Ana: We actually try and hang out together as much as possible and most recently have decided to play lots of board games. IT GETS TOO CRAZY! That or just eating a massive pile of sushi.

Amy: I’ve always been an avid gamer, since I was young. So most of my spare time, out-with band practice and gigging, is spent playing my PS4!🙂 I’m really into horror games, for some reason, it’s fun to be scared and they also usually have amazing stories.

Thanks for your time guys!