NHC Interviews Animals To Creators - Jenny Tingle

Animals To Creators are a three-piece from Erskine becoming known for their blend of heavy rock and melodic inward-looking ballads. NHC music caught up with the band, who have just released their EP, “For Those of Us”.

Hi guys! I hope you’re well! What have you been up to recently?

We are working on a new intro to kick off our sets when we play live, that fits in with the older material we have. We’ve also been working on writing more new material and recording some more.

Music isn’t just a form of therapy for the people who listen to it- musicians and songwriters also find writing and playing healing. How has music affected your lives and helped you through difficult times?

The band for all of us is definitely expressive, and I think we could agree that when we write music it’s definitely a venting process of both the good and the bad. We vent musically through jamming as a band, and we have more light-hearted material

“Long-forgotten Reminder” is my favourite track of the EP. There’s some beautiful guitar progressions. What made you decide which of your songs went onto your EP?

Thanks! Really glad that you enjoyed it! It’s also a song that we are very happy with, it was a concept song that we have come to realise is a crowd-favourite. But choosing what we felt were the “right songs” was definitely a hard choice. It had to have a mix of everything, and we just felt that those songs fit the purpose, which was basically a concept of someone reflecting on their past regrets and trying to rediscover themselves.

Every band has a songwriting process unique to themselves. How do Animals To Creators turn your ideas into full songs ready to play live?


Most of our songs have came from jamming in the studio together; generally when we’re jamming we play pretty much in complete darkness, and we always have practices or jams late at night, it just helps us be creative and we all work better and are more creative late at night like that; It’s just a much more relaxed and laid-back environment. And just from there it just kind of works. But to be honest we don’t normally think about it as writing: which definitely helps - haha!

No two gigs are ever the same and being live musicians keeps you on your toes! Sometimes everything goes perfectly, and other times a great gig can flip into disaster when technical gremlins attack.

What have been your best and worst gigs and why?

Best say the worst first! We’d say our worst gig would most definitely be around a year ago when we played locally in Stereo. The gig itself was good; the other bands and everything were great! Just the arrangement of the gig wasn’t great, and the promoter was only fussed about the money.

Our best gig is very hard to compare because we’ve played with a lot of great local bands and so many nice people, but our favourite would have to be supporting Megalomatic in King Tuts. All the bands were excellent and everyone was talking and chilling out and the whole day from sound check till finish was just filled with great vibes, amazing music and a packed venue.

Where does your music inspiration come from? Who are you influenced by?

Such a tough question, as we all love so many different artists/genres. I would say that if we had to pick one each, they would be jamiroquai, Linkin Park and Shawn Zuzek. Combined we all have many shared interests that include those 3, but those three artists have definitely inspired us as individuals.


Where can we see you live next?

We’ve finished up for this year, but looking forward to getting back into live shows next year! We have taken a break to write and do some recording of a potential follow-up for the EP, but we look forward to the year ahead.

Thanks for your time!

You are most welcome!